Sunday, 23 January 2011

Weekend Rumaging

Hello All!

so what have we all been up to this weekend?

This morning, the Mister and I had a little photoshoot with Mat at Southern Retro. Really looking forward to seeing the results, and it was lovely to meet him! You should go check out his site and see what all the fuss is about!

After about 20 cups of tea, I went down to Frock Me, at the Corn Exchange in Brighton, to see if I could find anything off my wishlist, and I did! 2 new pairs of stockings and finally found a bustier I can squeeze my behind into as well as my boobs! woop woop! this is a very rare thing in vintage undies, and my god, could they make the size labels any harder to understand?! this beaut (I know it doesn't look like much but its all about the shape!) is an old Marks & Sparks one, labelled as a 38B, but somehow fits even though I'm a 32DD....hmmm...not sure how that works. Does anyone maybe have a size guide for vintage undies?

Also bought this cute little brooch, perfect for those spring nautical outfits!

Popped in to see the lovely Miss Amy Phipps at Laste Shoe Boutique for a good old natter. She's come up with some cute designs you can find on her blog and has been telling me all about her plans for this year, and I for one cannot wait to see the creations she comes up with! She is a knitting and crochet machine!

Also, new glasses should be ready to pick up tomorrow, excited! I was a bad girl and hadn't had my eyes tested in 7 years, but thankfully my eyes have got no worse, but I get some lovely specs, and I shall be showing them to you in all their silvery glory as soon as they are mine!

Much Love from Brighton


(I came across these two in the North Laines and they instantly put a smile on my face! Nothing better than a dapper chap who can play an instrument, or two!)


  1. What a great find! My boobs are always too small for vintage girdles like that

  2. Ooh we must go shopping in Brighton sometime!

    Re your comment on my blog, I go to the car boot at Ford near Arundel on a Saturday morning (from about 8:00am, quite civilised for a boot fair), which is wonderful for browsing because there's often a lot of dealers, but it does tend to be quite pricey. On Sundays there's one at Fontwell Park racecourse near Barnham, which is more hit-and-miss (there are lots of market-type stalls selling cut price towels and pet food and hose attachments and the like) but when there is good stuff it's usually more bargain-fully priced (like £20 for a vintage singer!). And of course there's the Brighton one (Sunday I think), which I'm sure you already know about. I went to it once (in about November I think?) and that was pretty good - I hear it's huge in the summer.

    Get in touch - let's go boot fairing together!

    xx Charlotte
    Tuppence Ha'penny Vintage


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