Sunday, 30 September 2012

Happy Birthday to Me! Sunday Best

If you hadn't guest already, it's my Birthday today! Woop! And naturally, as it happens to fall on a Sunday this year, I get the chance to wear my Sunday Best :)
Celebrations were held last night, so today is just a nice relaxing, car booting and film watching recovery day. Due to car-booting activities, it was a necessity to also be warm and practical with outfit choices. So I dug out my most smart country wear; tweed jacket, riding skirt, boots and fur. I also got to wear my birthday present from the Mister. This beautiful feather earring from a local stall. I absolutely love it :) I've been very spoilt this year, but more on that in another post! 
I wore my big mess of morning after curly hair in a pinned up birds nest. And this is what it looked like after an afternoon of rummaging at the Brighton Racecourse Car Boot. It held amazingly considering the gale it was blowing up there, hah!

Tweed Jacket -  Part of a 1940's Cyrril A. Castle Suit
(the chap behind Roger Moore's James Bond suits! Lucky charity shop find!!)
1950's Riding Skirt - To Be Worn Again, Brighton
Fur scarf - from our trip to Berlin
Earring - Present from the Mister
Thank you to everyone who made it out last night! Now I shall start putting my feet up, tucking in to some popcorn and stuff my face with pizza for a night of films films films :)
Much Love from Brighton,

Monday, 17 September 2012

New Job, New Outfit Post!

I'm starting to settle in to working at the Dome now, and I have to say I am absolutely loving it! It sort of feels a bit like I'm on school work experience or something and that next week I'll have to go back to reality... but then I remember that I do actually work there!
It's also proven to be a bit of an excuse to play around with my wardrobe a bit again, it's a lots less formal than working for a bank like I did previously, so now I feel a little over dressed if I were a suit to work. So now my suits can start being my out of work wear, and some of my more casual bits can start making more of an appearance in the office.
Today I decided to wear my new to me wrap-around circle skirt in bright pastel colours, teamed with a little crop mesh top and home made cardi.
Another bonus; I now have a new backdrop to office outfit posts. Fountain or wall? I pick fountain!

In love with the print on this skirt. I saw it hanging on the wall in my new favourite out-of-town flea market. I might have to keep a lid on its location for a little while until I get to go back with a camera and have another rummage ;) for £12.50 I think this was a steal!

Skirt - Vintage M&S
Mesh Crop Top - Beyond Retro, Brighton
Cardi - Made by Me!
Necklace - Upper Gardener Street Market, Brighton
Sunglasses - Primark
Flower - some classic car show years ago
Much Love from Brighton,

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

My fever first Sewing Machine!

Dad sent over some very old photos from the family archives and I just had to share a few with you. So funny!
As you may have gathered from my posts about being a Sewing Machine Junkie here and again here, I love my sewing machines. And I had nearly forgotten what started it all off; my very first, battery powered sewing machine. And here I am, having my very first go! Mum's sewing machine was always far too scary and fast, this one provided me with endless hours of fun making clothes for my Barbies and bears.
Oh the memories..... :)

Here's one of me trying to be the cool kid hanging out after my first pottery lesson. Not that I continued it for long, hah. I wasn't very good. I've you look closeley enough, that blue 'vase' on the window ledge was made by me! Or rather painted by me ;) My parents still have this in the living room...cringe!

And now some evidence of the early blogger in me. POSER!!!
These were taken for my Mum's children's clothes catalogue when we were living in Germany. Posing from an early age, and kinda in Vintage-style outfits....The Mister recons I look like a Medieval child in the one with the umbrella...I'm sticking with Edwardian themed flavours!

All brings back many happy memories, and is making me want to go see my parents and trawl through the folders upon folders of photographs...I may be a while!
Much love from Brighton,


Monday, 3 September 2012

Give-Away Winner Announcement!

Evenin' All!
Thank you all for your messages and to those who will be joining me with the Sunday Best campaign. I think this will be a great, and hopefully we'll get some more fellow bloggers involved in the future.
Don't forget, let me know when you put any posts up and I'll have a monthly round up! I have to admit, doing it every Sunday isn't as practical as I was hoping, but I did get all dressed up yesterday, so I'll share with you shortly :)
Without further Ado, using one of those online random generator thingys, the two winners of the fascinators are.....
Wendy at the Butterfly Balcony - Pink

Please could the two lovely winners get in touch with me via email at so I can pop them in the post for you asap!
Thank you again everyone and I look forward to the next round!
Much Love from Brighton,