Sunday, 28 October 2012

A furrrry Sunday Best

Another sunny Sunday, another Sunday Best!

Winter has most certainly arrived, I opened the curtains this morning and had the very first frost of the season, so what better way to prepare for a day out walking than wrap up warm with layers of wool, petticoats and fur :)

We took a stroll into town along the seafront to blow off those cobwebs (quite fitting this weekend, nay?), and in-between rain showers and sunshine managed to take a few snaps.

This jacket is starting to make a lot of appearances on the blog now the weather has turned, and still has to be my favourite item of clothing. If I haven't mentioned before, this is a 1940's Cyril A. Castle Saville Row Suit jacket, and I have the matching skirt! Woop! Gloat much.....sorry! ;) This time however I've teamed it up with a 50's floral tea dress, padded out with 2 layers of petticoats for added warmth, white jumper and fleece tights (hallelujah Primark, finally something I actually needed!).  

A little on the controversial side perhaps, but I'm not ashamed to admit that yes, the fur that I am wearing is real. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, and I am completely against the 'production' of new fur, but don't see why that should mean that vintage fur should be left to be eaten by moths in a darkened cupboard. What's your opinion on the matter?

I also finally got around to dying my hair again this week, long overdue indeed but I am totally in love with being a fiery red head once again. If only this could be my natural colour, hah. Pinned up at the front in swirls and in a big birds nest at the back, one of my recent favourites.

And of course Charlie had to join in and wear his Sunday Best. This is a made-by-me coat I rustled up in time for last Christmas. There were two, one for Charlie and one for his brother Buster (RIP), they're fleece lined, with a waterproof inside layer, their 'family' tartan and finished off with green pipping and their initial embroidered on the fleece collar. Sure to keep old Charlie warm in the coming months, and sure to attract plenty of attention from passers by. I think Charlie got more comments than either the Mister or myself! The people of Brighton sure do love a beagle in a coat heh.

I see quite a few fellow bloggers have now joined me in the Sunday Best Campaign, and I'm loving seeing all the effort you've been going to to crack out your Sunday Best, no excuses needed! Please do remember to let me know when you've posted up a Sunday Best post so I can start creating a monthly round up of all your frilly frocks, looking forward to it!

1940's Suit Jacket - Martlets Charity Shop, Brighton
1950's Brown Floral Tea Dress - Upper Gardner Street Flea Market, Brighton
Fur Ear Muffs - Christmas present
Fur Headband - Pop Up Vintage, Hassocks
Fur Collar - Brighton Marina Car Boot
Vintage Glass Bead Necklace - Brighton Marina Car Boot
Yellow Fleece Tights - Primark
1950's Floral Umbrella - Seaford Flea Market

Much Love from Brighton,


Saturday, 13 October 2012

Vintage Caravaning

I have a secret dream of one day doing up the old 70's caravan that's been left neglected on the Mister's Mums drive and hook it up to Tilly the Triumph and spend a few weeks travelling around the British countryside....
And after spending an afternoon a few weekends ago in a middle of a field with lots of fellow classic car lovers, I found myself some inspiration. Check this baby out. It is the blue version of what I imagine will be our brown set, so it matches with our brown Triumph 2500.
I'm hoping for a dry winter so we can get started on it this year, and then start exploring in the spring. I am in love.

I asked the owners if I could pop my head in and take some pictures, but I don't think they were prepared for quite the amount of squeaking and squealing which ensued. I got rather excitable! heh!
The interior was AMAZING. They've collected bits and bobs over the years for the caravan to kit it out, and all they had to do was give it a bloody good clean as the interior was still spotless! I know ours will need a lot more work than just a quick clean. I'd love to have ours like this one one day :)

And just look at this tea set!! I want it I want it now! It's just too cute, matching caravan tea set..whatever next?!

Does anyone else have a hidden love for caravans? Got one hidden away in your backyard? After staying at Vintage Vacations last summer, I think next summer will be the christening of our very own caravan :) Let the travelling begin!
Much Love from a field in Sussex,

Thursday, 11 October 2012

Puzzling Away

Sticking to the theme of classic cars, I managed to pick up an old puzzle in one of the charity shops in Shoreham a few weeks ago. Finally finished it, but only to discover quite a few of the pieces were missing.....

Does anyone have any tips how I could maybe scan in the box lid and make up the missing pieces?! I'd love to stick it in a frame, but unfortunately the missing pieces are in rather obvious places! Grrr!
Much Love from Brighton,

Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Experiments in Vintage Crochet - Part 5

Strictly speaking, not exactly vintage corchet, but crochet none the less!

I've started branching out from cardi's now...5 of them are enough for the time being, heh. and with Christmas a few months away, I'm trying to crack on with some present making. First up, and because the recipient of this is only a wee one and unable to read the blog, I've made a crochet unicorn pillow friend!

If you want to give it a try yourself, the free pattern can be found right here

I'd say this is a very good beginners project. It was a lot simpler than I thought, and only used double and triple crochet stitches with very easy to follow instructions for the increasing and decreasing. All pieces were made in the round which was an interesting and very fast way of making this up.

I've shown a few people these pictures and already being asked to make more for other people. think I'll be a bit busy for the next weeks!

The body was made in the round in stripes until you have a square, sew up one side, stuff or insert a pillow, and then sew up the other side, simples!

The head is then started with a straight line in the snout, which you then start working around in as circle again, increasing and decreasing as you work your way up.

Then it's ears in a petal shape, sewn onto the head with a cone for unicorn stuffed up first.

And a mane of dark green hair and tail to complete.

And all made up of leftover wool frm previous projects. A proper Stash Buster!

I'm so pleased with how this turned out. I've never actually made a toy out of crochet before, and it was so much fun! I think I might have to make one of these up for our sofa too :)

Much Love from Brighton,


Sunday, 7 October 2012

A Sunny Sunday Best

Not actually from this Sunday, but from a few weeks back when we were still enjoying some late summer sun at a friends wedding in the beautiful Sussex countryside.
I wore my 1960's royal blue dress from a Horsham charity shop as seen here with gold and orange accessories to brighten it up even more.
Hair all curled and pinned up in anticipation for an evening filled with throwing shapes on the dancefloor as the Mister spun some tunes. What a fantastic day it turned out to be!

Sheer royal blue pleated dress - Horsham Martlets Charity shop
Vintage Necklace - Brighton Marina Boot sale
Earring - New Look
Sunglasses - Primark
Shoes - L.K. Bennet

Much Love from Brighton,

Thursday, 4 October 2012

Lady Jardin on

 Bit delayed, but I recently had the honour of being featured on, our local hub for all things Vintage related and one of my most visited sites when looking up forthcoming events and shop reviews.
Please follow the link below if you fancy having a read :)

Thank you to the lovely Jo-Ann Fortune for letting me be a part of, and a huge thank you to all me loyal followers and fellow bloggers for sticking with me and following me along my journey into all things Vintage, Crafty and Creative!
Much Love from Brighton,

Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Birthday Booting

As mentioned, I spent my Saturday afternoon rummaging through Brighton Racecourse's Boot Sale. Although we turned up quite late, I managed to spot a couple of little trinkets to bring home. Nothing big this time, but in a way that's a good thing, as we're fast running out of space and need a ruddy good clear out!
For 50p, I couldn't leave these cheeky cute 50's wooden coasters behind, how saucey!! My favourite has got to be the middle top; 'please remain seated wwhile the room is in motion' hehe.

Fine yarns for Ladies. Perfect for mending the more delicate items in my wardrobe.

So close to my own name...add an extra M in there...was meant to be!

£2 for all this wool, and 40p for the crochet hooks....never again will I be buying wool off the highstreet again. But now I have to make something in green again, what a shame ;) 

And lastly, an unpicker that matches my 1970's Elna machine, and a 'Stop that Run!' stocking and pantyhose repair kit. Amazing.

Now to get started using up all that wool!
Much Love from Brighton,