Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Vintage Dress looking for a loving new Home, for FREE!!!

Hello my pretties!

I have a lovely silvery gem of a dress hiding in my closet ready to give away today. It has been waiting for the day my arms will shrink and I will actually be able to wear it without fear of splitting the seams on the arms....alas....I have given up that fight now and have come to accept that my chubby little upper arms shall never fit in this beaut, so I have decided that it deserves a better home than I can offer.

Now I know it doesn't look like much, but trust me, once you slip this baby over your head, you will KNOW why I bought it. It is a super sleek, silky curve hugging wiggle dress. I would guess it is probably around 1940's, judging by the cut, the metal zip, and the home made shoulder pads, but there is no label, and it is hand made, so you're guess is probably better than mine!

It is made of a lovely silk (don't quote me on this, not a fabric specialist, but it looks and feels like a silk), has darts all up the back from the waist line, and on the sleeves to shape them, and a sash that comes from the front section and pulls to the back around the waist to tie in a nice big bow...or whatever wonders you can create!

It is clean, does however need a bloody good steam (I'm too scared to trust the iron after a previous accident) and has no rips or tears. I know it really doesn't look much on a hanger, but you are going to have to trust me on this one. I love it, and really don't want to part with it, but to be honest, it gets more and more depressing every time I try it on. Damn my chubby arms!

It's a 28" waist, but if you want more measurements, please just shout and I'll pop them up. 

Now, this beaut can be ALL YOURS ABSOLUTELY FREE!!

All I ask in return for this dress is a bit of feedback. Since I took a few months off blogging due to health reasons, I have lost my way a little and cannot think of what to blog about next. So my question is, what would you like to see here in future? What have you enjoyed reading, and what not so much? All comments are welcome, both good or bad! 

I will then pick out a 'winner' at random on Thursday and will pop this in the post to the lucky one on the weekend.

So Girls, lets go go go!

Much Love from Brighton,



  1. First of all, gorgeous dress! Secondly, I hear ya. I have had not motivation to blog for months. I just think that I've exhausted my hair knowledge, and while I like my outfits I don't think they are revolutionary. I've been pretty crafty/home-decorating lately and I'd love more vintage inspiration in that area :)


  2. I would love to take care of this dress, it's an absolute dream and would be perfect for the Holidays!

    I always love to read blogs where people can express their passions and share it with their readers. I think you should just follow your heart (sounds a bit cheesy) and continue to blog about your (vintage or other) passions. I also love to see your vintage and thrift finds, your outfits, and even random daily life! :)

  3. Firstly I would love love to give your dress a good home :) and secondly my favourite kind of blog posts are either creative ones, for example look I just learned to crochet or I discovered a way to make fabric flowers, and then sharing that experience, or people just writing about the things they love, you really can't go wrong if you love something, be it a person, a style, an era, an animal or a dress! Also recently I have become obsessed with make do and mend posts, taking something old a a bit worn and making something shiny and new and beautiful out of it, particularly clothes and furniture. I used to do a lot of this myself and I miss it now, so it reawakens my own passion for it :)

    Let me just say a huge welcome back (again!) to the blogging world, and whatever you choose to write about I'm sure it will be great and I'll love reading it :)

  4. heyya
    i LOVE the blog
    and my suggestion is a 101 guide to the vintage shops/hotspots of brighton or the southwest
    and i have an impending wedding to go to so the dress will be worn and admired (hopefully) !!!!!!!!! and i have a dry steamer so i can stem it safely!!!! xxx

    love bonnie french xxxx

  5. oh and here is my email should you need it :)

    bonnie x

  6. Gorgeous dress! I can't imagine my arms are any slimmer than yours but I'm willing to risk trying the dress on for size anyway...

    I'm not sure what to suggest for your blog because I always really enjoy pretty much everything you write! I guess the posts I've enjoyed the most are ones about places you've visited and events that are on, because that's a bit different to the other blogs out there. I was able to visit De La Warr Pavillion vicariously through you, which I loved. And I've never seen anyone else post a calendar of vintage car events. Like Bonnie suggests, I think it would be great for you to keep people up-to-date with Brighton vintage.

    I also really enjoyed your experimentation with hair scarves and your construction of the deco belt from cheap bits of high street jewellery. I like hearing about the challenges and thought process, and getting ideas of my own from what you've done.

    Hope that's helpful and I look forward to seeing what direction your blog goes next x

  7. Thank You Girls :) really appreciate your comments and will take them to heart.

    I have really missed blogging, but like Tami says, I have lost my way a little, but now feel full of new ideas, so watch this space!

    And Katie, funny you should mention crochet, I've just started crocheting again and am have way through a new blanket, hadn't even thought about posting it up but now I will, thank you!

    Just about to pick a name out of the hat, so will have a winner for you in 10 mins!



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