Thursday, 15 December 2011

Off to Berlin

It's Christmas Market time in Germany, so the Mister and I are off to drink Gluehwein and Stolen, wrap up warm and explore the city!

I haven't been back to Germany in 5 years, and am very very excited to take the Mister for the first time. Finally get to eat some proper food and feel at home again :)

Be back soon with lots to report on!

Seasons Greetings from Berlin,



  1. Have a lovely time kitten!! I simply adore Berlin, went last about 3 years back. Such a great city with so much on offer. Have fun :)

  2. Wait, "back to Germany"? Are you German?? If so, that would explain why you just happen to be awesome. I have a very soft spot for Germans.

  3. Back home now safe and sound and with all my toes still attached (it snowed quite heavily!!)

    And in answer to your question Marie, technically I am English by blood, but I grew up in Germany, which was also my first language, and moved back to Blighty ready to start secondary school :) and I also have a very big soft spot for Germans....especially their food! yum yum yum!

    POst coming tonight with lots of lovely stuff to show from Berlin, I loved every second of it, although I don't think my waistline will be much pleased, hehe.



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