Monday, 17 September 2012

New Job, New Outfit Post!

I'm starting to settle in to working at the Dome now, and I have to say I am absolutely loving it! It sort of feels a bit like I'm on school work experience or something and that next week I'll have to go back to reality... but then I remember that I do actually work there!
It's also proven to be a bit of an excuse to play around with my wardrobe a bit again, it's a lots less formal than working for a bank like I did previously, so now I feel a little over dressed if I were a suit to work. So now my suits can start being my out of work wear, and some of my more casual bits can start making more of an appearance in the office.
Today I decided to wear my new to me wrap-around circle skirt in bright pastel colours, teamed with a little crop mesh top and home made cardi.
Another bonus; I now have a new backdrop to office outfit posts. Fountain or wall? I pick fountain!

In love with the print on this skirt. I saw it hanging on the wall in my new favourite out-of-town flea market. I might have to keep a lid on its location for a little while until I get to go back with a camera and have another rummage ;) for £12.50 I think this was a steal!

Skirt - Vintage M&S
Mesh Crop Top - Beyond Retro, Brighton
Cardi - Made by Me!
Necklace - Upper Gardener Street Market, Brighton
Sunglasses - Primark
Flower - some classic car show years ago
Much Love from Brighton,


  1. Congratulations on your new job! Definitely a good backdrop for outfit posts. And such a sweet outfit - looks more like something that I'm seeing on my visit to Australia as it becomes spring than what would usually be seen in autumn - I guess the weather is holding up pretty well there! Making up for our rain-soaked June?

  2. Hi..I've just stumbled across your blog & wanted to say 'hello' from a fellow Brightonian!! :) I've added you to my faves & will be popping back regularly to see what you've been up to as I'm ever so curious about 'vintage', I think it's such a beautiful look & I wish I had the guts to wear it!

    P.S..I do a bit of photography & would love you to model for me if you ever fancy it???


    1. Hi Clair! Lovely to hear from a fellow Brightonian! Where abouts are you then?

      You should definitely wear vintage if you fancy it! You don''t need to go full out, just pick something out a build around it :) I find it so much fun doing it that way instead of sticking to one set styke.

      And I would absolutely love to take you up on your offer! Will be in touch later this week!



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