Wednesday, 10 July 2013

I was rummaging through some pictures that hadn't yet made it onto the blog, and came across these; destined for an outfit post that never materialised. So here they are now!

This is what I decided to wear to this years Brighton Tattoo Convention back in the depths of chilly winter. Not that I'm complaining about the current glorious sunshine and warmth, but I doubt I'll be getting a chance to throw this jacket on again for a while, and it seems a shame to hide it away another 6 months, heh. 

I don't tend to frequent Beyond Retro very often, but popped in to show a family friend's teenage daughter that vintage clothes didn't equate to grandma's clothes and that I wasn't weird for wearing something someone else didn't want. She changed her tune pretty quickly once inside, and I happened to stumble across this jaw dropper of a jacket. Wowser, are those some shoulders or what?! I like to call this one my Cruella Deville jacket.

I also got twiddling with my hair, one does have to make an effort for the Tattoo Convention, and I love the people watching! Looking at these pictures has reminded me that I've gotten lazy with my hair of late and really should start putting a bit more of an effort back into it. I can't even remember how I did this, but I'm sure going to give it another go :)

Outfit details:

Vintage fur Jacket - Beyond Retro, Brighton
Dress - Etsy
Vintage wool Scarf - raided from the Mister's stash
Vintage black velvet Hat - Lewes Flea Market
Sunglasses - Betsy Johnson
Bag - Christmas Present
Yellow Pumps - Primarni

Much love from Brighton,



  1. Looking gorgeous lady. Well dressed, love your blog. Photos are stunning.

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