Sunday, 13 February 2011

Knitted Haven - ICHF - Brighton Craft Fair 2011 - part One

Met up with the parents today for our annual trip to the Brighton Craft Fair. We've been doing this since I was about 12 and I used to love getting all those hobbie packs for beaded jewellery and cross stitch...yes I was a geeky kid! Different every time, and sometimes not much to my taste, but I do always love to see peoples new ideas and techniques, and picking up titbits of information and some very useful tips from all the lovely store holders!

My favourite part of the trip has always been the exhibiton room with all sorts of textile art.

The absolute show stopper has got to be this beaut, named "Above and Below the Waves", thought of by Alison and Ann Murray, in order to raise money for the RNLI, made possible by knitted donations from around 2000 knitters and Art Council funding. All ages and abilities of knitters contributed, with contributions coming in from all over the world. To see more of this, visit their website HERE.

It took nearly 2 years to complete, but doesn't it look amazing?

There was even a tunnel through the middle, and the lighting really made it feel like you were under water! so many details, too many to list, and I could easily have been there all day taking pictures of all the cute little creatures!

I spoke to the lovely gent at the stall selling knitted fish keyrings, and he told me that one little girl came up and asked her mum to convert their roof space so she could take it come and live in it! I so want one of these now! If I ever win the lottery, I am so making one of these and having it permanently in the house.

I think one of my favourites was the giant great white shark, with two sets of knitted teeth! I wanted to take him home with me! I really hope this helps raise a lot of funds for this very worthy cause. Its currently touring and can next be experienced at:

SECC Glasgow, 3-6 March 2011
NEC, Birmingham, 24-27 March 2011
Aintree Racecourse, Liverpool, 20-22 May 2011

Paris, La Grande Villette, Feb 2012

All part of ICHF Events.

There's lots more I want to write about but need to go through the pictures first, so more to come tomorrow! Including 2 great vintage patterns I managed to find, as well as a leaflet of vintage fashion from the 1800's to 1930, all for a snippet! Also, some more pieces from the exhibition room, where I stumbled across an area all about the history of vintage underwear, named "Undoing of the Corset".

Much love from Brighton for now, 




  1. Hey cuty pie ♥

    Wow, amazing captures! And nice blog too °.°

    Thank you for following Glitzerpony's Ranch ♥

    Liebs Grüßli/Greetz, Glitzerpony

  2. Hey! Thanx for your kind words : )

    Unfortunately it's too late to visit me in summer, because this friday I will move to Beijing ^^; (will stay there for 1 year)

    But of course this fact shouldn't keep you from visiting me over there : D (I mean to ppl from UK Berlin is a pretty cheap party place but in Beijing you really feel like you're paying nothing for everything... it's pretty amazing °.Ö)

    Take care, Glitzerpony

  3. Look forward to seing this at the NEC in Birmingham. Love the blog.


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