Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Make do...and Sew!

I'm guessing I'm not the only one out there, everyone's having to cut corners and make do, that's why I'm going to, for the first year ever, stick to my new years resolution! That being: This year, I am only allowed to buy the absolute essentials, but make everything else.

I have a HUGE pile of vintage patterns that have been given to me, as well as a mass of old curtains and bedding, so I have no excuse really. First off, I've decided to create something so I can finally wear one of my sisters old shirts. Its burgundy, and made of lace, so it's not something I have the confidence to wear without anything over the top (I just don't have the guts to walk out the house and let everyone see my bra!) so first task is to make a dress from this pattern:

I decided to use a very pale cream herringbone wool blend, really nice weight which will hopefully mean the skirt will hang really nicely over a big petticoat!

Progress after a week:

I'm not finished yet obviously! Still got the bolero jacket to finish, and I've been working on some decorative design on the hem which I'm also going to continue onto the bolero collar....quite fiddly but I'm praying it stands out and makes quite an impact when finished. Otherwise the dress could look quite bland!

Here's a little of the hem detail (still need to press the a bit impatient!)

I've also been experimenting with a sort of pin-striping embroidery idea....had a quick go, but need to buy some chalk for the real deal. Might make a pencil skirt from the left over fabric and do some on that....

Lots of ideas!

Does anyone else ever have the problem of starting a project, being overcome with ideas for future things, and then maybe losing track of what you'd started inititally? I'm trying to really concentrate and get this one done before starting anything else...another new years resolution! The amount of pieces I've left for 6 months waiting to be finished....bad me!

Anyhow, more on this to come this week I hope! The craft fair at Brighton Centre on Sunday has really got me twitching to make more, especially my two new patterns!

Much Love from Brighton




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