Monday, 7 January 2013

Pussycat Pussycat, Where have you been?!

...I've been up to London to visit the Queen.

Well....not really (but I do wish!)....haha! 

A very belated Happy New Year to all, and an even more so belated Merry Christmas! 

I decided to put down the keyboard over the festive period so I could crack on and get the mountain of presents finished, and then just enjoy and indulge myself. I'm happy to report this plan was a great success, however many a box of chocolates have had to offer themselves up and are no longer with us ;) well worth it!

Christmas was spent with my nearest and dearest, and I have to admit, I was itching for them all to open up their presents, this was after all my very first home made Christmas! Stupidly, I failed to take pictures of 99% of the presents I made, so cannot share them with my lovely readers :( sorry. Will do better next year.

I absolutely loved making everyone's presents, and have learnt a few lessons for next year:

Leave more time for completion
Vary the crafting techniques (not everything has to be crocheted!)
Plan further ahead and prep. I have leftover bits and bobs coming out my ears!

However, one present I can share with you is what I made for the little furry ones in my life. I realised none of them had their own stockings, so of course it was my duty to make them, and stuff them full of home baked dog biscuits. Of course the cat didn't miss out, she got catnip instead (very funny!). So here is one of them, made for Charlie Beagle:

I was so happy with how these turned out, and they loved them just as much, as Maisy can prove. I'm thinking of making a few of these for the local dogs trust.

Now normality has returned, I fully intend to make a come back to the blogosphere; it brings me so much joy writing this blog, and how I have missed it so.

Much love from Brighton,



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