Monday, 26 November 2012

Hello hello!

I'm still alive, promise! 

I haven't disappeared, my heads just been full of Christmas crochet projects, clear-outs  trying to sort out my life, tailoring courses, oh and a whole career change and adjusting to a new job. Hectic indeed, but I'm glad to say I've come out the other side feeling slightly more organised and perhaps a little more on top of things again. Fingers crossed anyways!

I've got so many exciting things to share with you, and can't wait to get things properly going next year. I'm toying with the idea of setting up some sort of crochet-y project on the side to see if I could actually make a go of it and earn some extra pennies. Still in the planning stages, but it will be along the lines of vintage inspired crochet accessories and clothing....ooooh! But here's a little sneak peek at what I've been making these last weeks:

I've also successfully passed my Occupational Psychology course, woop! My first effort at distance learning.

I've also spotted myself in the November issue of Vintage Explorer, thanks to the lovely feature on local vintage Photographer Mat Keller. This photo was taken a few years ago, how I wish I could stay 22 forever, hah. Also spotted a lot of familiar faces I didn't realise were also part of the project, wonder who of you will be next?

Due to the lack of posting, there are also a lack of pictures from recent outfits. I keep taking the camera along and then completely forgetting about it. I'll just have to get all dressed up again and take some pictures, what a shame, heheh.

Thank you for all your lovely comments while I've been away in lala-land, they mean so much to me and remind me of why I do this blog, and why I shouldn't let it slip. I've been asked for a few tutorials, so while I have some time off over Christmas I shall be posting a handful of hair styling how-to's as well as a few crafty ones. Keep your peepers peeled!

And the best news of all? I've hit the 100+ followers mark in my absence, how amazing!! Thank you to each and every one of you who has stuck by me throughout, and I look forward to a busy blogging future. To mark this grand occasion  I'm putting together a little thank you hamper which I will share with you for the next Give-away competition. 

Much Love from Brighton,



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  1. Hi Emma! I love your blog posts, please keep them up,although you do sound very busy! We should meet up soon for that coffee, I have a few saturdays off work the next few weeks :). Love, Hannah xxx


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