Monday, 8 August 2011

Au revoir mon petit chatons!

I'm off for a little while my lovelies!

Due to The Move (tomorrow *gulp*) and The Arm situation, I'm going to be unable to type for a while, and will be away from t'interweb until I figure out who to go with (recommendations on service providers much appreciated!).

The NHS has finally pulled its digit out of its posterior, and I finally get to be poked and prodded a week today, to fiiinnnnaaaaly be told what's going to happen and when they're going to chop open my long suffering hands to cure this bloody Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Please girls, and guys, look after your hands. Take it from me, CTS is not very fun, rather painful, and very very annoying. Don't over do the typing, and the sewing....make sure you rest those wrists 'cos you never know when it could strike!

Enough grumbling from me. I wish I could write more on here, and do the big pieces I've been wanting to, but I have to be patient...

so until then....

Au revoir!

Tu me manques

Much Love from Brighton,



  1. What a lovely picture! Hope they decide what to do with your arm problemo. And good luck for moving!!!

  2. Hope all goes well with both the move and the arm problem, look forward to hearing from you in not too distant future.

  3. Tu me manques aussi! Bon chance - pour le demenagement et pour le medicin!

    Gros bisous x

  4. Hope the move went well my pretty lil sis xxx

  5. Hope the cts gets sorted. Sounds very painful! Lizzie


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