Thursday, 28 July 2011

1950's Birthday Bash

We attended a friend's Birthday Do up in London a few weeks back, and I've been meaning to post up the pictures for some time!

The beautiful Helena held her celebration in the old Bowling Clubhouse in Balham, and had spent all day meticulously decorating the place up. Little did I know how much of the place retained it's original features, the whole clubhouse has been kept as was, and has a brilliant vibe about it. No wonder Helena picked this place, she does have fabulous taste after all!

The majority of the guests joined in the fun and dragged their finest 50s styled garbs out the closet. Dancing ensued later in the evening, but a great deal of catching up, drinking and cake eating was also done. 

Thank you again Helena for a brilliant night!

The Birthday Girl in a gorgeous green Vivien of Holloway dress, jealous!

I've noticed a trend forming recently of vintage themed parties on the increase. And many fellow bloggers have been attending them and talking about how fab they are. So my question is: where do you all find out about these? Most seem to be up on London, but is there somewhere that has a list of events coming up so I don't keep missing them?

Any help much appreciated :)

Much Love from Brighton,

Found this kid's ride parked next door to the clubhouse, couldn't resist a quick snap!



  1. Lovely pictures! I might have to check this place out...

  2. Not too sure about a list - there def SHOULD be one!!!! Also - a lot of stuff is pottering about on Twitter.

    Love the last pic of you! Looks like you had a ball!

  3. Looks like a fun night - and I love it when most people at least make some effort to get involved and dress appropriately.

    And I know what you mean about trying to keep in the loop and keep track of fabulous parties that pop up around the place. I seem to have a bit more luck now in finding out about things before it's too late because, when I miss something the first time, I figure there's usually going to be another one run by the same people or in the same place at some point in the future - so I bookmark a website or join a mailing list if there is one. And then things start to connect together more from there, and from attending the events and meeting similar-minded people.

    As for lists, I've just discovered this site for London which seems quite good: But it doesn't help for Brighton! Perhaps you should make yourself the creator of the list for the south coast! That could be kind of fun (but time consuming...) - you could make contacts with people in the vintage stores and places like De La Warr Pavilion and get them emailing you tips to share through your blog! Then you'd never miss anything! Just an idea...

  4. There are nights like White Mink and Brighton Bootleg specifically in Brighton Clubs with swing music and the like, but I wouldn't say they're truly Vintage. I'd love to know if you find any tea dances etc! Hope your arm gets better soon xx


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