Monday, 3 October 2011

On the Road to Recovery...

This is going to be quite the most non vintage-y of posts, but I wanted to let you know that I am finally getting back to normality again! Woop! 

This is the first post I have been able to type up on my own for quite some time, and I have missed it so. Thank you all for your lovely messages when I had to say goodbye for a while, and also to thank all the fellow bloggers whose posts have been keeping my mind stimulated, after a few hours of daytime TV I knew I could stretch out that grey matter by catching up on some reading and inspiration. 

So here's what happened:  

(for those of you with a nervous disposition, please note I have put pictures up of how the wound was healing, including a rather dark photo of stitches!)

The Monday after my last post, my parents picked me up early in the morning and headed out to the hospital. I was not a happy bunny that morning. I'd spent the night before worrying about the fact I would be awake during the procedure, and was not looking forward to the local anaesthetic in the slightest! I have learnt from previous experiences with doctors that my veins are a bugger to find, and that my blood is quite happy where it is and will not leave for love nor money. I have even had to stop being a blood donor because they cannot get enough of the bloody stuff out of me!

Anywho's, I will spare you the gory bit and just say that the actual operation itself only lasted 11 minutes, to do both hands! That was just about long enough to squeeze in 2 Gary Numan tracks, and a Kraftwerk one thrown in for good measure as they bandaged me up.

Here I am in my rather unglamorous theatre gown and ID bracelet. They were about to put it around my wrists when they remembered that probably wouldn't be such a good idea and opted for my arm...

Here I am, just after having been rolled out of theatre. Yes, I was a little high still, excuse the crazy look, sans make-up too! CRAZY LADY!!

After this, I spent the next week at my parents, with poor old Mum and Dad having to run after me, rummaging around to find a straw as we realised I couldn't even pick up a plastic cup. And yes, if you are wondering, The Mister did enjoy making Aeroplane noises at me when he came over to feed me dinner, the little bugger! heh!

By the Thursday I was allowed to remove the boxing glove of bandages, to reveal my rather poorly hands :( I was wearing a sling most of the time, but by this time I could slowly start picking things up and reading books again. Daytime TV was already driving me mad and I think I probably slept more than I was awake.

That night I went back home, and the Mister went to work in the morning, meaning I was alone at home, and when I tried to get out of the front door, which I thought I could manage, then realised that actually, I couldn't turn the door handle, and was locked in! Dad to the Rescue! I chucked the key through the bedroom window and finally got out and swiftly went back home to the parents. Silly me!

The Mister helped me change the plasters and wash the wound, and I hadn't realised they used black thread in the stitches!!

very bruised and swollen after about a week:

It's been 6 weeks now since the operation, and I have finally gone back to work, and have even started crocheting for the first time since all this began. I am over the moon, and although it really wasn't much fun for the first 3 weeks weeks after the operation, it really has made me value being able to use my hands and start being creative again. Not only that, but after weeks of slobbing bout in my PJ's (yes, that's what those leopard print joggers are!) I have re-found my wardrobe and eye-liner! 

The scars are still quite pink, and very tender, but I think in a few more months you wont be able to see much of them any more! I am so glad I got my CTS sorted out sooner rather than later, I just need to teach myself not to rush things now and take breaks!

Looking forward to being back in the blogging world again real soon!

Much Love from Brighton



  1. Glad to hear you're on the mend! Look forward to seeing more of you now that you're able to type, but please take care of yourself!


  2. Wow! 11 mins? Thats brilliant! Get better soon :)

  3. ooooh! Sounds painful! I am glad to hear the op went well and that you are on the mend! Looking forward to having you back in the bloggy world! Take care x

  4. Glad you are on the road to recovery, take care.

  5. Just found your blog, and I really like what I see, so I'm glad your doing so well. The picture of the wounds on the palms of your hands look a bit cool though - like stigmata ;)


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