Thursday, 6 October 2011

Oooo... Foxy Lady!

 Having now settled into our new flat, the Mister and I decided to take a stroll round our new park, conveniently located at the top of our road! 

So off we trotted, all wrapped up ready for some early evening autumn sunshine.

The rather grand looking entrance to Queens Park, one of Brighton's oldest and loveliest of Parks. We are very very lucky!

I popped into a brand new Vintage shop in Worthing today, Glisten Vintage, and managed to pick up this beautiful dark navy blue suit. A bit of an investment piece, but I have been wanting a big statement winter suit to wear to work for quite a while! And I fell in love with the collar, so snug and warm, makes me feel amazing! Love it! The Belt cinches it in nice and tight around the waist so no nasty draughts!

Also dug out one of my furs for the first time this season too, very much looking forward to unpacking all my winter bits soon!

We stumbled across a listed building on the outskirts of the park, and thought we'd go and investigate. Really want to find out what it used to be...I'm reaching for my book as we speak! More on that soon.


Posing ensued:

Slowly starting to play with my hair again now that my wrists have started settling down a little. Can't quite master setting my hair just yet, so been pinning it up mostly from non set hair. I've been catching up on some other blog reading and feeling inspired again to go get some more setting lotion and crack out those curlers!

Hmmm....need to get me roots sorted pretty sharpish!

I teamed the new suit with some gloves I picked up from a car boot sale at the Brighton Marina in the summer, a Welsh Wool Handbag from a charity shop (original post here), and a fur picked up at a flea market. Unfortuneately, when we got home and I went to go pack him away in my fur and hat cabinet, I opened his shoebox and found lots of lovely moth eggs....and moths in the fur on closer inspection, yuck! In the bin he had to go :( that's ok though, a replacement is already on its way from ebay! woop!

It's great to be back to blogging again, and I have to sort of admit I had let myself slip a bit, so having to get dressed up for a walk around the park knowing I wanted to post something up tonight was just the motivation I needed. Thank you again for all the lovely messages.

And in response to Miss Meadows, yes I have contemplated having the matching set of scars on my ankles to complete the stigmata look ;) hehe!

Much Love from Brighton,



  1. Wow. What a post to come back to the blogworld with! Awesome outfit!

  2. Oh no! Poor fox going in the bin! Damn moths. But I love the suit, and that gorgeous bird brooch.


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