Saturday, 19 March 2011

New Hair, New thrifts, and New glasses!

Today was such a beautiful day in Brighton, waking up and seeing the sunshine through the curtains...what a great start!

Off we went to Ace Cafe's InCarNation, sun shining, lots and lots of gleaming cars.....and loud thumping music. I think I would have preferred it without the music to be honest! It didn't exactly live up to how I had imagined it, instead of all the hot rods and classics I was expecting, rows of body kitted, fully lowered, bass amp madness were in their place. I feel bad for saying this, but it was really not my cup of tea.

I like to keep an open mind, and understand that, like in music, art, and clothing, there are different genres of cars. This was not my genre.

I felt rather out of place, surrounded by a host of aging boy racers, and 20 something girls parading around nearly naked, and looking a tad orange for my liking. I felt rather frumpy next to them, but who wouldn't when you're confronted with fake boobed, flat stomached, leggy brunettes in slashed tops and a belt of a skirt? Sorry, I'm sure they're lovely girls, but was all a bit in your face.

Anyway, there were some nice cars, and I can appreciate that their owners dedicate a lot of time, love and money on their pride and joy, just as the Mister will soon when the classic arrives.

It was a nice stroll anyway, met some nice people, and soaked up the sun.

We had to head up to Haywards Heath to run some errands, and ended up having a rummage through the charity shops. I always imagined the Heath being quite glamorous in the 30s, as it has loads of beautiful, but aged, art deco buildings, if you juts look up above the high street. I took some while out, and still think Cafe Rouge is one of the best kept ones:

And todays finds:

Ok, not an actual find, but what I wore today. Been playing around with a head scarf for a bit:

Green Dress from Cancer Research for £6.50, one of my favourite colours
Genuine Welsh Wool bag, that'll make Dad and Jen happy ; )
Patterns! And only 99p each! had to resist buying the whole box full!
Cannot wait to get started on this one!
Yet another dress. Bad me. This one's from British Heart Foundation, for £7.99. Perfect for Spring!
I think I did quite well today! 2 dresses, a bag, 4 patterns and less than £30 spent!

I've been meaning to put up some pictures of my new glasses for a while. I actually bought them in January from Frames in the Lanes, from a collection by Dead Man's Spex. I'd been drooling over the website for a while, but wasn't keen on buying a pair without being able to try them on first. Glasses are one of those things you can never be sure of unless you try them first. So imagine my joy when I saw they were stocking them in Brighton!

The Ladies are so helpful, it was a pleasure to try on every pair they had! And I was surprised to find that having Vintage glasses adjusted and fitted with your own perscription is no more expensive than buying a new pair from Specsavers. Never again will I go to the highstreet!

Mine are a pair made by Artcraft, who are still going to this day. I love them!

I'm slowly getting used to my hair now, and started playing around with different styles again. It always seems to take a little while before you get the confidence to play about with a new style I think.

Hope everyone enjoyed the sunshine and blue skys!

Much Love from Brighton,


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