Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Art Deco Garage, East Preston

In the sleepy village of East Preston, just along from Worthing, lies a little hidden gem I'd heard of. My manager had told me about a little garage that had been let to rot for many many years, but had recently been rescued by a redevelopement plan.

I couldn't find any pictures of what it looked like when it was first finished back in the day, but stumbled across this one before we headed over to explore. What a sorry sorry sight this was:

Now I don't normally like what redevelopers do with Art Deco buildings along the south coast. Far too many have been left to rot away, then get knocked down and turned into more boring high rise blocks. But not this time. These designers were real geniuses. They have kept the front facade as it was, and have cleverly extended backwards, to provide multiple flats in this now restored garage.

I LOVE IT! Now all I need to do is win the lottery to live here.....

We couldn't resist a few poses with the car. The people who live opposite found it highly amusing while they did their gardening!

Let's see more of this on the coast please! I have my heart set on them restoring the old Art Deco Odeon on the Level in Brighton next. Now that's a place I'd pay good money to live in.

Much Love from Brighton,



  1. I remember seeing this when it was first put in the hands of the developers. I thought it was a good wheeze then, and now I've seen these first pictures of the finished article I want to move in right along with you! Kudos indeed to the planners/builders for having the sense to retain such wonderful features.

    I've often felt that Worthing has developed a rather undeserved reputation as one of "God's waiting-rooms", but there really is some wonderful Art Deco architecture thereabouts. A friend sent me a link to these flats a little while ago. Not quite as salubrious as those in East Preston, perhaps, but certainly more affordable!

  2. WOW!! Those flats are amazing, why are they soo cheap?! I work in Worthing so think I'll have to pop over there on my lunch break and take a few snaps.

    Agreed, Worthing is a very misunderstood town. They have so many beautiful Art Deco buildings hidden away, been planning a tour around them for a while, so keep an eye out, one day I'll put up the pictures :) Sadly though they have just ripped down the hotel on the seafront, was in a sorry state, guess they couldn't see the point in saving it. Have you been to the pier there though? Beautiful.

  3. Oh, wow! This is a lovely job. I'd be curious to know what architects were on board... I hope that they've picked up the style on the fittings inside too. If so, I might be moving in next to you and Bruce, when I get the money together!

  4. Haha, Marie, that would be so funny! I did go and have a sneaky peak through one of the windows....not very original inside but done in a minimalist way so it kind of suits it quite nicely :)

    Oh...if only.....just need to win the lottery now and then we can move in!


  5. They have done a fantasic job I love it. In Letchworth Garden City is the first purpose built cinema, which is still in its orginal art deco style (so I am told) I have not been inside but I did go there for a photoshoot of the first dress I made last year. Letchworth still has lots of its orginal buildings just like Welwyn Garden City. Both are very beatuiful places to visit.


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