Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Sheer Blue Pleated Dress

The latest chairty shop find, this time from Horsham. Picked it up in the St Catherines Hospice, one of my favourites for vintage finds!

 I had a very similar one a few years back in black, which was actually a high street label. This must have been what inspired that one! I think it must be 50's, but correct if I'm wrong! Looking at the detail, all the hem's have been done by hand, not a job I would want to undertake, but finishes it off beautifully. And in a very bright shade of royal blue, rather fitting for the Jubilee (although rather late of me to mention that, it was worn on the day!)

It's first outing was to Brighton Fashion Week in May. Perfect for a night at the side of the catwalk!

I love the massively swooshy skirt, makes me want to throw some shapes on the dancefloor. And yes, I believe I was watching some sort of Planet Earth program...say hello to the giant Gecko coming out my arm!

Much Love from Brighton,



  1. Gorgeous dress! Can't help you on the date though, I'm afraid.

  2. I love it! Not sure on the date, my initial reaction was 70s, but I can see why you think 50s, and you probably know better than I! Enchanting, anyhow x

  3. Beautiful, it really is. x

  4. Thank you girls! I'll have to take a picture of the label...maybe that'll help figure out when its from! Agree Kate, could easily be 70s form the look of it!



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