Sunday, 8 July 2012

Vintage Inspiration - Hairpin Crochet

I just stumbled across these and had to share them. If only I had an army of people to make these for me......this dress is devine! And to think, this is all made from those strips of hairpin crochet I showed you earlier in the week, amazing! I might have to work on something like this, very very slowly in the background, because this must have taken months to make!

 And this top...can't figure it out. Do you think it's a separate top to the dress, or part of the whole thing? Interesting combo if so!
 And something perrhaps a little more achievable for a newbie like myself. Another one to add to my increasingly growing cardi collection:


So many ideas, so little time!

Much Love from Brighton,


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  1. Gosh I adore that dress, the scalloped neckline is lovely.


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