Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Birthday Booting

As mentioned, I spent my Saturday afternoon rummaging through Brighton Racecourse's Boot Sale. Although we turned up quite late, I managed to spot a couple of little trinkets to bring home. Nothing big this time, but in a way that's a good thing, as we're fast running out of space and need a ruddy good clear out!
For 50p, I couldn't leave these cheeky cute 50's wooden coasters behind, how saucey!! My favourite has got to be the middle top; 'please remain seated wwhile the room is in motion' hehe.

Fine yarns for Ladies. Perfect for mending the more delicate items in my wardrobe.

So close to my own name...add an extra M in there...was meant to be!

£2 for all this wool, and 40p for the crochet hooks....never again will I be buying wool off the highstreet again. But now I have to make something in green again, what a shame ;) 

And lastly, an unpicker that matches my 1970's Elna machine, and a 'Stop that Run!' stocking and pantyhose repair kit. Amazing.

Now to get started using up all that wool!
Much Love from Brighton,

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