Saturday, 13 October 2012

Vintage Caravaning

I have a secret dream of one day doing up the old 70's caravan that's been left neglected on the Mister's Mums drive and hook it up to Tilly the Triumph and spend a few weeks travelling around the British countryside....
And after spending an afternoon a few weekends ago in a middle of a field with lots of fellow classic car lovers, I found myself some inspiration. Check this baby out. It is the blue version of what I imagine will be our brown set, so it matches with our brown Triumph 2500.
I'm hoping for a dry winter so we can get started on it this year, and then start exploring in the spring. I am in love.

I asked the owners if I could pop my head in and take some pictures, but I don't think they were prepared for quite the amount of squeaking and squealing which ensued. I got rather excitable! heh!
The interior was AMAZING. They've collected bits and bobs over the years for the caravan to kit it out, and all they had to do was give it a bloody good clean as the interior was still spotless! I know ours will need a lot more work than just a quick clean. I'd love to have ours like this one one day :)

And just look at this tea set!! I want it I want it now! It's just too cute, matching caravan tea set..whatever next?!

Does anyone else have a hidden love for caravans? Got one hidden away in your backyard? After staying at Vintage Vacations last summer, I think next summer will be the christening of our very own caravan :) Let the travelling begin!
Much Love from a field in Sussex,


  1. Oh, wow! What a gorgeous, immaculate caravan! Good luck fixing yours up - I look forward to seeing pictures of your progress and the finished product.

  2. Oh my days! No wonder you were squealing with delight! I think this is now on my wishlist instead of a vw campervan. I think I need to start saving my pennies!
    Good luck fixing yours up too; I look forward to seeing it!! xo

  3. That is amazing! You have to do your own up! :) Just letting you know, I have nominated you for a Liebster award for a great, inspiring blog that I follow!

    Hannah xx

  4. trés génail ce Caravaning remorque


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