Tuesday, 9 April 2013

A Frosty Spring Walk

These pictures were taken in February, I never got around to putting them up on here but still wanted to share them with you because it was such a pretty afternoon in Tilgate Park, even if it was freezing cold!

We were out on our weekly Saturday afternoon walk with Charlie Beagle and stopped to take a couple of snaps of one of my recent acquisition; a thick 70's wool tweed jacket to keep out the chills.

I fell in love with the lapels of the jacket, that curve! And the green white flecked wool went perfectly against my freshly dyed auburn hair. People ask if it's my natural colour, alas it is not! I've wanted to be a natural red head all my life though, does that count? 

(should have remembered to move our cups of tea out the way though, oops!)

As I've mentioned previously I've not really been curling my hair much recently, but have been pinning up the front bits and playing around instead. Here is one such example, I've pinned up 3 curls from the centre front down the side to swoop it out of my face. Quite liked how this one turned out :)

And some detailing from the back. I don't know what the technical terminology for it is, but I really like the triangular reinforcement bits either end of the back vent, I'd really like to try something like that out on a future project...not quite sure what yet....just know I'd like to. Any ideas what that's called?

Much Love from Brighton,


Tilgate Park, Crawley

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  1. Cool style. The dress is also awesome. Girls are heading so faster in every sector. I have watch their forwarding toward outdoor activity. In last five years they create a great change in the Longboarding world too. I really congrats them.


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