Thursday, 11 April 2013

Experiments in Crochet

 I've mentioned previously that I've been devoting a lot of my spare time on developing my crochet skills and working on more projects. I was taught by my babysitter when I was around 6 how to crochet, but after a few failed attempts at making bits and bobs in my teenage years, and not having the patience to stick to patterns, I forgot all about it and started sewing instead. Last year however I vowed to change that and get back into crochet, thanks to my very inspiring friend Miss Amy Phipps, who, together with She's called Claire own and run Super + Super HQ. Amy taught me how to Hairpin Lace Crochet in July and reminded me how much fun it is to work with wool, and also how easy it is to improvise once you've learnt your basics.

I've now passed on some of my knowledge and taught a few friends, two in particular (you know who you are!) who have picked it up stupendously quick and have made some amazing piecesalready, in under a years worth of time!

When I've not been helping others along with their projects, I've been learning how to freeform and improvise to come up with new ideas. I'm so sad I forgot to take any pictures of the Christmas presents I made this year, so I've been making sure I document projects since then, including these two pillows:

I saw a pattern for a circular owl on Pinterest, and used it to come up with my own circular designed owl, and then a little fox too! Both pieces are worked in the round, changing colours as you work. That's definitely a new trick I've learnt this year, changing colours properly and neatly in the right stitch so you get crisp lines. Really really pleased with how these two turned out, and I've had lots of offers of adoption for these tow, who will be making their way to their new homes shortly :)

What do you think?

Much Love from Brighton,



  1. Wow, your owls are so cute! Love them :)

  2. Oh I am so behind on my blog reading I have only just spotted your new posts, I am useless!! I love these pillows they are just too Cute!! xx


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