Sunday, 14 April 2013

A very Seventies Sunday Best

The Mister's Mum has just passed on a couple of her 70's dresses to me after a bit of a clear out at home. I don't normally think of wearing 70's bits as I didn't think they were my style, but after being given some, and playing around a little with some other bits in my wardrobe, I've finally managed to find a way of making 70's work for me!

I've teamed it up with a a very wide brimmed fedora hat, a crochet shrug made by moi with a vintage fur collar attached and a chunkywood necklace purchased from a flea market, so date and origin a mystery heh. 

It turned out quite the windy day. Wind + Fedora = chasing after hats through the park. Our neighbours must think we are rather odd, but at least it gives them something to natter about ;) 

Dress - 70's family hand-me-down
Hat - T K Maxx
Shrug - made-by-me!
Vintage Fur Collar - Marina Boot Fair
Necklace - Seaford Flea Market
Boots - T K Maxx

Much Love from Brighton,



  1. Love some seventies fashion from time to time!

  2. gorgeous look on you! Love every detail! Ciao from Italy :)

  3. You look wonderful! I love a 70's maxi dresses, just perfect for floating around in the warm summer sunshine! :) x


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