Wednesday, 22 June 2011

30's inspired Gold Belt & Accessories idea

I've been invited up to a work awards Do' next week, so took today off to find a dress to wear. Several hours and numerous dresses later, and I have found it! I am keeping the dress under wraps until the night as it's so beautiful I want to show it off in all it's glory! And at the moment it needs a little tlc, and some strategically placed accessories.
It is a 30's silk gown, with the most amazing high neck and open back, and a bright royal blue colour. I have never worn royal blue before, so it's quite a big deal to me! This is meant to be an investment piece, and will become my go-to gown for posh events, so of course I need accessories :)

Having blow the budget on the gown (thanks to my aunt, who bought it for me as an early birthday present!), mum, my aunt, and I headed over to Primark to raid the kitsch jewellery section. SO much gold bling! I don't wear gold, ever, so again, new territory for me, but the dress is so subtly lavish, I wanted to jazz it up, and also cover up some stitching marks from where a previous 'bling' would have been.

I bought:

3 Necklaces - gold chains with snake pendants
Snake Bracelet
Snake ring
Chunky gold necklace
Plain gold & velvet shoulder strap bag

The gold looks amazing next to the blue, you're going to have to trust me on this one! So I took all the bits apart, and came up with the following ideas:

Statement Belt:

Comprising of the chunky gold necklace, looped through the sash that came with the dress, the chains from all 3 of the snake necklaces, looped through the chunky one, and one of the snake pendants in the centre.

This is still work in progress, need to tweak it a little, but getting there :)

The Bracelet:

I'm going to use another one of the snake pendants in a hair band, so need to pick up some royal blue  ribbon tomorrow and get stitching...maybe with some feathers??

Matching snake ring:


It looked a bit plain but with the gold trim, I thought why not place the last of the 3 pendants in the hoop to tie everything together? Perfect!

Now just got to think of how to do my hair...I'm thinking finger waves perhaps? 

Still need to glue and stitch everything together, but wanted to try it all out first before committing. Any improvement ideas greatly welcomed!

Much Love from Brighton,



  1. oooo when i first started reading about the gold i was thinking oh no, but now looking at your great creation i am amazed that i actually like it and can imagine it to go well on a royal blue 30's number and look very classy so well done you!

  2. love the ideas Emma! when is the party? you simply must take pics!

  3. Wow I'm looking forward to seeing the finished outfit, it is going to look truly amazing!!!

  4. You are very clever gal, well done you for such a wonderful mind full of amazing ideas.


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