Saturday, 4 June 2011

De La Warr Pavilion - Bexhill-on-Sea

Finally, some sunshine at last!! 

Due to the perfect weather, and an appointment to pick up some spare parts for Tilly, we pottered off over to Bexhill-on-Sea, and on the way back from getting Tilly's accessories, popped into one of my favourite, and earliest example of Moderne architecture in the UK, the De La Warr pavilion.

Herbrand Edward Dundonald Brassey Sackville, 9th Earl de la Warr

Commissioned in 1935 by the 9th Earl De La Warr, it was designed by Erich Mendelsohn and Serge Chermayeff. With it sitting right by the sea, and with clear blue skies, I couldn't help but take lots of pictures! 
So, you have been warned! heh.

The staircase has to be the best bit for me. The lines of the windows against that swirling staircase....swoon...I wish I won the lottery, hired this for an evening for two, and have it all lit up! It would be breath taking me thinks :)

Up to the next floor, and out onto the balcony for a quick drink and to soak up some of the late afternoon sun. 

The views were amazing, the sea was so still, there were people out having fun down the beach and windsurfers all over the place! Perfect stop off for a spot of people watching ;)

They regularly hold gigs here, and have ongoing art exhibitions as well. You should take a peek at their website for current listings and more information etc HERE

And when we went up the next floor to the roof, look what we came across! A Beach on the Roof! I am so coming down again when it opens, I want to find out how on earth they'll pull off pedalo's on the roof! hah! Paddling pool each perhaps? I for one would end up going round and round in circles on the spot anyway, especially as I will be having one of the tempting cocktails they'll have on offer in one hand!

After drinks and a nosey round, we went back outside to take some more pictures of the back of the building. I always forget just how huge it is in person!

Also happens to be the perfect spot for posing, heh. Picked up a new jumpsuit the other day from Snoopers Paradise in the North Laine, Brighton, and finally got the excuse to wear it today! However, my hair did suffer from all the salty sea air, but it sure did blow out the cobwebs.

Has anyone else been out exploring in the sunshine? I'm planning a trip down to Saltdean Lido very soon! Maybe next weekend...

Much Love from Bexhill,



  1. Do I even need to say that I love, love, love this post? Beautiful photos and very sweet outfit. I'm stuck indoors all weekend doing coursework so this was a very nice reprieve!

  2. Miss Marie, thank you so much :) hope the coursework's going ok? I feel for you!

    Mind you, yesterday was hardly a day to go out, yuck! Went down to a car show yesterday and it practically got rained off!


  3. oooo you wore THE jumpsuit! loving the hat too my dear!xxx


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