Thursday, 9 June 2011

Head Scarves - the 7 Day Challenge - Day 3

Day 3 

(ill yesterday, sorry!)

Today the Mister, Tilly and I went out for a pose along the seafront at Black Rock. It's the Mister's temporary garage while we find a place with a proper one! As it was rather a blustery day, it was time to attempt the 'Screen Siren' look *gulp*

I've tried it before and felt a little frumpy and granny-ish...until I realised I wasn't wearing it properly! Thanks go to Retro Chick, so right about the granny look if not done the right way. Hopefully got it right this time ;)

The Mister bought Tilly a present at an autojumble the other day...please say hello to Tilly's Tiara, all stacked up and ready to hit the road! We've booked ourselves in to the Bromley Pageant this Sunday, and I am so excited about cracking out my vintage tea hamper and picnic set :) yay!! Little tiny tea cups and cake! And of course lots and lots of classic cars, and fingers crossed, a spot of sunshine. Keep en eye out for us if you're going too!

There's a derelict building built into the side of the cliff that I always love to visit (although it could reeeally do with a good clean up...seriously!) so we drove along and parked outside for a quick nose around. The Mister took some rather good photos today :) thank you!

Scarf - The Mister's - Frock Me, Brighton
Dress - Snooper's Paradise, Brighton
Flower Petticoat - Dunsfold Car & AirShow
Petticoat - present from my aunt
Gloves- Lewes Flea Market

I'm going to attempt fellow blogger Casey's 40s working girl hairstyle on Sunday for the car show, I think I may need to do a practice run tomorrow night. Finger's crossed!

Much Love from Brighton,



  1. Gorgeouss! xxx

  2. You are so pretty!!!!


  3. Those gloves are beautiful and the headscarf looks great like that. Perfect for the blustery winds along the coast methinks :D


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