Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Head Scarves - the 7 Day Challenge - Day 2


Day 2:

Ok, today had to be a lazy hair day as I overslept and had to rush in for a full days meeting and presentation giving...so comfy and smart-ish too! 

Decided to go for the Scarf-as-an-Alice-Band take today to keep my hair out the way, but I have to say, I think if I had curled my hair, this could look quite cute! I might curl my hair tonight and test it out tomorrow evening instead!

I'm a bit tired in these pics, it was a long old day at the office, but I did get to do a presentation on my sewing machine collection today :) so not so bad after all!

I'm getting stuck for ideas for later on in the week already....and want something with a bit more *ooompf* for the weekend...ideas?

Thanks for the tips by the way! I'm going to give Casey's  version a go for sure! Any others you could recommend?

And LandGirl1980, it just takes a little practice, and I find it easier to do yesterdays one without curly hair, but a bit back combed, then it stays in place much easier!

Much Love from Brighton,


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