Saturday, 14 April 2012

The day I met Dame Vera Lynn

...and I this dress!

Sorry, no actually pictures of me getting to meet her were taken....stupidly left my camera at home!

So anyway, I met Dame Vera! I popped along with the Mister and the beagles to the grand opening of the new Vintage Tea Rooms and Shop in Hassocks, just 20 mins up the road from Brighton, and 5 mins from my old school. Bridge House Boutique on the highstreet opened last Saturday, and was full of people waiting to get in. A  lovely little place, with a front courtyard to soak up some sunshine, and then nip into next door to find a little vintage shopping on hand. While having a rummage through the rails, I realised that I was standing right next to D.V. and hadn't realised because I was so distracted by this dress, a steal in my opinion at £30. I should have taken a close up though, the detailing is so fine and the fabric super soft.

I thoroughly recommend a trip up to have a look and a lovely cuppa, and overheard that, as they bake all their own cakes, if you have any dietry requirements, you can call them before you come and ask if they could make something for you. I will definitly be taking another trip up when it is slightly less crowded though. And while you're in the village, make sure to check out Rockinghorse Antique Market just up the road to the station, well worth it.

Forgot to mention, also bagged me a lime green dirndl style dress at the same time...hell yes!

Much love from Brighton,



  1. And the only celebrity I saw in Brighton was Kelly Brook :(
    You win!! x

  2. That dress, DVL *and* a line green dirndl????? WELL JELL!

  3. Fabulous dress!!

  4. Oh, wow! The Forces' Sweetheart! What on earth did you say to her?? And gorgeous dress too, fits you just beautifully.

    PS Welcome back from your winter hibernation!

  5. Sounds like a fabulous day!! Dame Vera... amazing! And that dress is a beaut, what a good price! I'm definitely going to check out Hassocks now, it sounds great. We're still exploring the area... and loving it here. thanks for the comments on my blog by the way! I'm definitely up for a walk with the pooches :) (are you on fb? If so, add me: Karolina Doughty) x


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