Tuesday, 17 April 2012

In Loving Memory of Buster Beagle

Buster Boo very sadly and suddenly passed away this Saturday.

I am left with a big hole in my heart, as I am sure all those who knew him have as well. Even though he may not have been our dog, we loved him as if he were our own.
We have been lucky enough to enjoy the most amazing 4 and a bit years with Buster and his brother Charlie, and will always be greatful for the chance to be their aunty and uncle every weekend. Thank you Julia and Bryan, we have so many happy memories we will never forget. I know their whole family will be hurting right now, including Charlie, and I wish there was more I could have done.

You may have noticed photo's of the mischevious Beagles sneaking into a blog post here and there, but it is hard to explain what exactly these boys mean to me. We were part of their pack. I could spend days not seeing anyone and just being with them. They brought so much happiness to both mine and the Mister's lives.

 I still miss my own dog, Heinz, terribly, and the Beagles were there to comfort me. Now Buster has passed too, I know that Heinz will be looking after him, and Buster will be joining him in the Big Sniff in the Sky.

Those boys came everywhere with us. Many a Car Show...

...Afternoons lounging on the beach under a parasol...

...long walks through the countryside...

...and through the woods...

...galloping through the snow at Christmas with their cousin Bertie...


...and sleeping it off in the back of the car...Buster loved his hammock, and would snore for hours...

...on the subject of sleeping, he loved sleeping! Especially in random places, mostly in his trademark 'superman' pose! Seen here under the bed...

They have stayed with us at every flat I have lived in in Brighton, and never stopped enjoying all the smells in town. they would greet us when we came to pick them up, bounding up to the car and jumping up and stretching to reach us. It was like they were saying 'come on Em, we've been waiting aaaages! Let's go!'.
I think my favourite memories have got to be the curling up with them at night, and watching them slowly fall asleep with us.
However, there would be times where I would pop out quickly, and find them fast asleep on our chairs! Naughty boys!


And on another occasion, although we only have one chair in our bedroom now, Buster was too slow and Charlie would get there first. They were so full of character and I would frequently end up in fits of laughter watching them together.


...how could you not coo over these two when your greeted by this when you come home...

How many beagles can you fit in one bed?

As you know, they also let me have my wicked ways with them occassionally, by dressing them up! I even made them matching tartan coats with a wool fleece lining and their initials embroidered on the collar last Christmas. They were starting to feel the cold a bit so I wanted to keep them warm, and they looked very dashing indeed. I will have to dig out the evidence, they are so handsome.

Buster may have been naughty and stolen his fair share of cake over the years, but I would never have changed a thing about him. He was our Buster Boo and we will never ever forget him.

In Loving Memory of Buster Boo

1st April 2000 - 14th April 2012



  1. Oh my dear I'm really sorry to here about Buster, loosing a friend is never easy it must be very sad
    for you all. Lots of hugs xx

    1. Thank you Wendy! We do miss him, but he was an old boy and I think it may just have been his time!

      Thank you for the hugs, starting to feel better about it now to be honest. There's still Charlie to give all the love to :)



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