Thursday, 12 April 2012

Spring is Springing

And I've decided to come out of hibernation!

I seem to be terrible with keeping up with things in the colder months, as you can probably tell by the lack of posts and comments on fellow blogs for several months.

It's still a little chilly outside, and today was a stereotypical April Showers day, but as it happens, just as I stepped out of work at 4pm today, the clouds parted and I was basking in glorious, long overdue sunshine!

In recent news, I had about 5 inches chopped off my mop last week, and feel like a new person! I really thought I wanted long hair, but it was starting to stress me out, do any of you girlies ever get that? Waking up sleeping on your hair, trying to curl up with the Mister and him then lying on my hair, inevitable ending in a few screeches on my behalf, and the most annoying of all....your hair getting IN your food....yum, and so not cool. It was also getting too heavy to do much with, and as Cheryl Cole would say, it had become 'limp and lifeless'.

So off it all came! Yay!

I set my hair in curlers 2 nights ago, and actually really like how it looks when it just has a little curl left, and now with the cropped 'do, I feel much more motivated to actually put in my rollers; it was such a mission with long hair. As it was a windy rainy day, I thought it best to take a few snaps before I left for work this morning, at 6.40am...yawn!

One of the upshots of being a serial hibernator has to be the long dark evenings crafting away at home in our 'den'. That crochet blanket you see in the background, yes, made by me. I haven't actually finished it just yet, needs a few more rounds doing, so keep an eye out for some further posts on how that goes. Also been covering the footstool, digging out the sewing machine, and sketching away.

1960's knitted two-piece - Charity Shop in Hove
Cat Broach - Charity Shop in Uckfield
Shoes - *whisper it* Primark

Great to be back and look forward to catching up on some blog reading! Have missed it greatly but now we have a new laptop that, fingers crossed, wont be breaking any time soon.

Much love from Brighton,



  1. Your hair looks fabulous, I can totally understand your long hair frustrations, I have always wanted long hair as my mum would never let me as a kid (something to do with me spending each morning crying as she attacked my tangled hair with a comb...shudder) now I have it I realise what a pain it can be!
    Ps Glad to have you back!!! :)


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