Sunday, 22 April 2012

Raspberry Print Bargain!

Yesterday, the Mister and I, joined by Charlie Beagle, popped along to the Vintage Pop-Up Fair in Hassocks to see what bargains we could snap up. Mum and Dad tagged along, which was a new but very fun experience!

Mum and I took a Vintage Pattern Cutting class for a few days up in London at the V&A in February, and now Mum is on the hunt for some inspiration for a vintage style dress to make for me (I am a very lucky girl!). More posts on her progress on that, and I also want to show you what sewing projects I've been working on recently!

Anyway, back to the fair and our bargains. I managed to pick up 2 dresses, a mink headband, a 3 piece matching set of suitcases, and a little Beagle figurine.

One of the dresses had a super cute raspberry print, and means I can now clearout a few pieces I don't realyy wear anymore. I love this dress, and it is so comfortable to boot. The lady I bought this from said she has a few more pieces lying around at home and will email me some pictures to see if I'd like any of these too!

Looking a little rained on after taking Charlie out for his walk, but wanted to put it on right away anywyay.

This morning we got up bright and early to take part in a Classic Car Run around Sussex, and took the car out in the sunshine (we were very lucky as it only rained on as we drove home!)

Teamed it up with one of the Mister's jumpers to keep out the cold, and took the opportunity to pose on Tilly to show off the dress, and my bright green petticoat underneath!

Hope you all had a lovely weekend too. Anyone picked up any new treats? Or come across any new Vintage Events you'd recomend?

Much Love from Brighton,



  1. Love that dress and the thick belt is super cute! I'm going shopping all weekend with a girlfriend and hope to score some wide belts too!! x

  2. Gosh that dress is fabulous and looks so right with your green Petticoat! Looking forward to seeing your sewing projects too :) x

  3. Thank you Girls! Been a busy bee crocheting away this week, trying to knuckle down and do a post instead though :)



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