Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Experiments in Vintage Crochet - Part 1

I call this part one, as I expect I'll be experimenting a little more in future after this first attempt.

I've recently purchased some scanned vintage crochet patterns from a few sellers on Etsy, the first of which I mentioned in my previous post on my quest to improve my chrochet skills HERE was from Jenny at KinsieWoolShop, and also purchased a handful from 2ndLookVintage using this pattern:

I didn't quite manage to follow the pattern exactly, and again, didn't even realise until I was doen with side 1! When it came to finishing the repeating part of it, and then lengthening the bottom, I really couldn't understand why it wasn't looking like the picture, and why my stitch count didn't match the instructions.

This one was a bit more tricky than the cardi, but once you got the first few lines done, it's just a matter of repeating until you get to the right size. Confusingly, you start with the vertical lines in the centre top that look like they're holding the folds of the bag, and then work out the zigzags from there. It's my very first attempt at crocheting a handbag, and I used chunkier, cheaper wool to have a play first, before I try my second attempt.

But, after pinning it on to my manequin, it took the perfect shape to form part of a bodice! I do love a happy accident!

I can't really figure out how to go from here though. I could either crochet a 2nd side and sew them together to make my own version of the bag, or I could try and make this into a top of some sort. But to crochet, or use fabric?

What would you suggest?

Much Love from Brighton,



  1. I love it! If you were making a top I'd maybe go with a stretch fabric of some kind for the back (a jersey or a knit maybe?) to keep the whole thing comfy, plus fitting wouldn't be such a problem. But them again I am totally in love with the bag too. Perhaps a bag with a matching top would be cool? :)

    1. OOooooh! I LOVE the matchy matchy idea, bag and top!

      Do you think I should stick to the same purple to do the rest of the top? or go for something contrasting? Also, do you think I would need to line it if I were to keep it as a top?

      thank you Katie!


  2. Oh, I agree with Katie, a stretchy fabric for the top would be perfect but if you repeated the piece again, the bag would be amazing too!! I've been dying to try one of these corde bags I see the originals in vintage shops all the time but they are SO expensive. I bet you could find a lucite zipper pull online to finish it off. Great job so far!! x

    1. I know, I saw several in a vintage handbag shop in Brighton but just can't afford to buy an original, so thought I'd try my hand at making one myself.

      Do you know what sort of wool I should use to make the bag though? using this chunky wool made it a bit unstable, I want to try something more straw like.

      thank you again Brittany!



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