Friday, 11 May 2012

Giving the 60's a Go Go

I have to admit, I've always shyed away from the 60's style due to the short skirts, and my chunky little legs. But it's been grey, miserable, and raining for what seems like forever, so I decided, bugger it, I need some bright colour in my life right now!

So I covered up, with a little flash of colour underneath. I picked the coat up last year in a charity shop that sadly no longer exists in Haywards Heath, and I think, but please correct me on this, that it is either late 60's or early 70's, with a label from Spinney...any clues anyone? The thing I love most about it though is the fact you can either button it up all the way, including the collar, or leave the top 2 buttons undone for a more 70's look. Due to the weather, I opted for the warmer option, buttoned up.

Maybe I should remember to take pictures before heading out for a day in the elements...never mind!

And on to the flash of colour!! Bright is definitely one way to describe this little dress. I have tried wearing it without a belt, how it was meant to really, but someone was kind enough to tell me I looked the belt had to be added. Being bottom heavy with little on top is not so flattering in a swinging sixties style dress, heh. I fell for the big bright floral print pretty quickly when I spotted it though :)

And you can also see my Made-by-Me crochet cardi sneaking in there too.

Oh and on to the bargain of the week...I picked up these (60's/70's?!) boots in a fleamarket in Lewes on Monday for a grand sum of £5....£5 for real leather, never been worn boots? Yes please!

When will the Summer ever begin? Will we be putting our winter garbs away soon? I do hope so, my vintage cotton dress collection is screaming to come out!

Much Love from Brighton,



  1. What a beautiful outfit! perfect for all this sodding rain we have had....


  2. nice dress,
    like your hair too, your previous post was very inspiring
    but i was to lazy to write a comment,
    hope you get nicer weather soon :)

  3. I love this! That coat is fantastic and the groovy printed dress peeking out underneath is just lovely! I wish it would warm up, I can't believe I still need the heating on in May! x

  4. LOOOOOOOVE your outfit!! X


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