Tuesday, 29 May 2012

One Lovely Blog Award!

Many, many thanks to Bruce Partingon-Plans over at Eclectic Ephemera for giving me this award! When I received your comment to let me know about it, you made my day :)

I know this is very long overdue, but welcome to all my new lovely followers! It has been a very interetsing and challenging year, and writing this blog and reading all of your posts has always kept me motivated to keep going and keep creating! Now I have my hands back in working order, I have many plans to jazz this site up, and look forward to hearing what you all think! I'm hoping this year will be a much more constructive one and look forward to sharing it with you :)

So on to the award. As is tradition, I now have to select a further 15 of my favourite blogs to pass this well deserved award onto. Although I may have been a little on the silent front, the follwing ladies, and gents, have been keeping me busy reading their posts, inspiring new projects, and educating me in many ways, and to you I want to say a very very big THANK YOU!

And onto the second part, the 7 facts about me you may not already know:

1. I love painting. I know I've never blogged about it, but I used to paint a hell of a lot. Not so much recently, but am currently working away on something a bit smaller as a present for someone, so I may get back into painting this year after all.


2. I have 2 pet fish: Fish and Ratfink.

3. I'm lactose intollerant, but a chocaholic. This can be problamatic indeed. Chocolate usual wins though.

4. I LOVE boardgames. The Mister and I have games nights on a regular basis, and we've built up a collection of vintage boardgames now, including BP Offshore Oilstrike, Formula 1, Go! and Golf Tiddlewinks.

5. Back in college, I used to be a scary Goth. Evidence below. Needless to say, the parents approve of the Vintage look much more ;)

6. I took ballet classes for 6 years, it's been a veeeery long time though!

7. I love baking, and I make some scrummy Baklava Muffins!

Thank you again and Much Love from Brighton,



  1. Hello you. Firstly, thank you for the blog award. And secondly and most importantly - THANK YOU for the wonderful comment you left for me on my Home Made Dressing post. You actually bought tear to my eye. What lovely things to say. xxx

  2. Thank you so much for passing the award on!
    I love your goth picture, it's scary but fabulous at the same time! x

  3. Hey L.J.
    Thank you so much for passing on the blog award I will knuckle-down and get a post written for it :-)
    Catch up soon!

  4. nice posting.. thanks for sharing.


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