Monday, 28 May 2012

Walking through the Sussex Countryside

For those of you in the UK, you'll have noticed how incredible the weather has been this last week, so as soon as the weekend came, we hopped into the car and drove out for a walk through the Sussex countryside. With it hitting 28C, I opted for my 1970's Floral Maxi dress to keep cool and covered. That sunshine buuuurns if I'm not covered and wearing factor 50+.  

Can anyone recommend a really good sunscreen? I really don't want to burn this year. As you can tell, I am very very pale, and always worry about skin damage, the dreaded C word, and not ending up looking like a leather handbag in my later years. Plus, tan marks, or rather burn marks in my case, seem to hang around for weeks before going! Tips very much welcomed :)

I've had this locked away in the wardrobe all winter. Another amazing Charity Shop find a few years back in Eastbourne (highly recommended for a rummage).

We packed a little picnic and spent the early afternoon strolling through the meadows with Charlie, and then drove down to Bognor Regis on the coast for a little beachtime and charity shop hunting. More on that in the next post, we found an exclusively Vintage charity shop hidden away!

Fingers crossed the weather is here to stay a little longer for the Jubilee next weekend!

Much Love from Brighton,



  1. That dress is simply AMAZING. As for sunscreen, I don't stick to any brand but try to get 50+ x

    Penny Dreadful Vintage

  2. Fabulous dress! I have the same problem of burning as you do - I hate having to lather on toxic, sticky sunscreen though, so don't really have recommendations. I tend to wear hats, cover my shoulders, carry parasols, or just stick to trees and the shady side of the street!

  3. What a wonderfully floaty dress!! I uses factor 50 too but I have yet to find one that isnt a bit ickky and sticky, love Miss Marie's idea of carrying a parasol though!


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