Wednesday, 22 August 2012

August so far...

Firstly, I want to say a big thank you and welcome to my lovely new followers! Now that I have reached the rather exciting number of 90+, I'm currently busy crocheting away at a home-crafted Give-Away prize, so keep your eyes peeled for that, together with the launch of the Sunday Best Campaign in response to recent comments on here. Let's see how many fellow bloggers we can get involved in this and spread the fun of stylish Sundays!

In the meantime, however, I thought I would update any of you who may have wondered where I disappeared off to (just indulge me!)
August has been a super busy, and rather exciting month so far! Big changes are afoot... I went for an interview with somewhere I have always dreamed of beign a part of, and actually got it!!! You cannot imagine just how excited I am to be working for.....the Brighton Dome!! As of September, I'll finally be based in Brighton again, and starting on a whole new career. Bit daunting after spending 5 years working for a bank, to switching to something completely different, but at the same time I cannot wait. I've been studying Occupational Psychology on the side, and now I get to put all that into practice and start a career in HR, woop woop!! I've been waiting for this for quite a while :)
I've also been shimmy-ing my thing at home, practicing and putting together a new routine, and creating a whole new costume to match. Busy times, but oh so much fun! Cannot wait to show and tell!
The crochet side of things has also been seen to. I finally completed the granny square blanket, yet another cardi, experimented some more with Hair-pin Lace Crochet, and starting to put together a 'to-make' list for Christmas presents. Yes, I know it's only August, but this is going to be my very first home made Christmas, and I am determined to make everyones presents, so I'm starting early to make sure I actually get them done. That list is getting rather long......
Both of my parents also recently turned 50. I don't know about you, but presents for parents are starting to get rather tricky. There's nothing they want that they haven't already got and I'm running out ideas, so I've had to be rather creative this year to mark this special occassion. So...I thought I'd share with you the presents I put together for their 50th Birthdays:

My dad has always been a bit of a space and all-things-techie lover. I have many childhood memories of Sciene Museums and Space exhibitions, and yes, we did spend many a family evening at home, glued to the box engrossed in the latest episode of Star Trek :) So earlier in the year, when I stumbled across an early 1970's cigarette card and booklet collection entitled 'The Race into Space', I knew exactly what to do with it, and who would appreciate it the most; my Dad.
Here they are all framed up and mounted. I'm so pleased with how this turned out. And Dad loved it. Actually turns out he collected this exact series when he was a kid, and probably still had it in a box in the attic...unless it got lost in the move from Germany along with his Thunderbirds comic collection.....don't worry dad, I'm sure I will find a new set for you one day!

The rest of the cards I put in an envelope and attached to the back of the frame, should he want to swap any out in the future!
Now onto Mum. Mum is a very hard person to buy for. And my Mum's opinion in all things crafty really mean a lot to me. She herself has always been an avid crafter, having created her own line of kids clothes and having a shop when we lived in Germany. Still sewing away today, attending pattern cutting classes and learning new techniques, she has also been learning how to crochet, and coming along to the hair-pin lace lessons too. Not only that, but she can paint and draw, although she would never ever admit it and is her own worst no pressure there then, hah!
For Mum and Dad's 40th Birthdays I painted them a picture of our childhood dog Heinz (RIP) and our cat Febe (still very much with us). Since Heinz passed away, we had a new addition to the family early last year, and what better way to combine this and welcome Maisy to the family but to add her to the family gallery:
Personally, not my favourite, and I think I may have to do one again...but it shall suffice for now :)
Now on to get that Give-Away prize finished!!
Much Love from Brighton,


  1. Oh you have been busy!

    Congratulations and good Luck with your new job I am sure you'll be great at it!

    Those presents are fabulous I love your dads space picture what a clever idea and Maisy's painting is wonderful it looks spot on to me, your Mum's going to love it! xx

  2. I have a fully complete and intact copy of Race into Space from when I was a kid!! :-)

  3. I also love your picture. You are very talented.


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