Sunday, 5 August 2012

Sunday Best at Newhaven Fort

Firstly, thank you for all your lovely comments on my Special Occasion outfit! It's so lovely to receive a nice comment, and I'm making sure I'm being more proactive about giving them out in public when I see someone looking lovely. However, as many of you have mentioned in some of your posts, it's sometimes hard to know how to react, and often try and make some sort of excuse up for it. Let's demonstrate:

L.J. walks into the office
colleague: 'What a lovely dress today, and your hair looks brilliant!'
L.J.: 'umm thanks! It was 4quid from the boot sales yesterday, and it took me 5 mins with my hair....there's a sponge in there! It's cheating!'
colleague looks perplexed and walks off...

Perhaps if we all give out compliments more often, it wont be such an odd thing when we receive them. I'm learning to accept them more 'normally' now after having been on the receiving end of the weird compliment rejector too, heh.

So as suggested, I have now adopted the 'Sunday Best' principle. Every Sunday, I shall dress up in my Sunday Best. Or at least as many Sunday's as I possibly can.

We both got dressed up, and off we drove in Tilly Triumph to Newhaven Fort, just a short drive along the coast from Brighton.

For a moderate entrance fee, you gain access to the little museum's in the buildings above ground, seeing what it was like to live there, short films, artifacts that had been found there, and personal items donated by the soldier's families. A very very interesting place indeed!

After finishing with the museum part's, we sat down for a spot of cream tea. Yum Yum! What a treat! haven't had one of these for a long time!

Naughty Naughty!

After filling up we decided to go and explore the tunnels below. How exciting! We had to walk down what felt like at least 100+ steps to get to the bottom, but once there, discovered a load of tiny passage ways, one of which led to this rather creepy looking room....who painted this?! It was in bright neon yellow to boot!

One of those tiny passageways I mentioned. Spooooky!

When we got to the next part, the tunnels right into the heart of the cliff the fort stands on, we found a lovely little note, informing us that these parts were thought to be haunted, with many people hearing very strange noises, and feeling like the were either being pushed back out the tunnel while walking through, or being rushed back out on your return. Apart from the Mister running off and then jumping out at me, I experienced no such feelings....shame!

Back out on the surface, we climbed up to the guns. What amazing views!! We were so distracted by them we both forgot to take any pictures!

So here I am in my Sunday Best. 1950's Suit picked up from Vintage Nation at Brighton racecourse. It needs a tiny bit of adjustment to the jacket's waist, but that can be done some other time! The fabric is just amazing. It's a silk with a Chinese dragon print. I fell in love with the Chinese collar and the cut of the pockets on the front, and when i saw that the label read 'Emmer clothing' it had to be!

More tunnel action:

And a close up of the fabric. Love it!

And a view back across the fort:

Great day out had by the both of us, and the lady at the entrance even told us about a 1940's Swing Dance they are going to have soon! Will need to double check the details, but if anyone is about, I think it would be the perfect setting for an evening of dressing up and dancing the night away (apart from those spooky tunnels)!

Much Love from Newhaven Fort,



  1. I love Newhaven Fort, I live right down the road from it! Your hair is so pretty along with that suit! x

  2. You look amazing! The fabric and cut of that suit is adorable, especially love the little collar, its so cute!
    Oh I am definitely going to have to take up this Sunday Best malarkey, it sounds like the perfect way to end the week! XX

    PS Thank you for your lovely comments you are a real star! :)xx

  3. Wow, this place sounds fascinating. When does it date back to? But if I had of heard about the ghosts in the tunnel, I think I would have been rushing myself back out before any supernatural force was able to push me out!

    And that suit is stunning! What amazing fabric! I'm afraid that this Sunday just gone I was at home all day so didn't partake in Sunday best fun... This weekend, hopefully, but then the one after I'll be on a long-haul flight so probably dressed in the absolute opposite of Sunday best!

  4. Thank you girls!

    Right, I think we should get a little campaign going here!! Give me til the end of the week, i'll come up with a little banner thingy we can all stick on ours, and let's encourage our fellow bloggers to get out their Sunday Best! Let's begin this weekend :)

    And re the questions on the history of Newhaven Fort, the lovely Eleanor has already written 2 great posts on this subject, and I think she is a lot better informed than myself. Thank you Eleanor!



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