Monday, 6 August 2012

Experiments in Vintage Crochet - Part 4

I have just discovered the heaven that is

Finally, vintage patterns, at no cost!!! They have hundreds to choose from, collars, trims, homeware, and full outfits for the whole family! I have my eye on several of the patterrns for future patterns, including a few christmas present ideas!!

Project number 1 from this lovely site was meant to look something like this:

If you want to have a go for yourself, you can find the FREE pattern right here!

My version? Well I went a little freestyle...I just kept going and going until I realized it was longer than the picture above, and decided to turn it into...yes....another cardi! hehe I see a bit of a pattern coming on here!

This was another super duper easy pattern to follow. I have to admit, I don't really understand why I avoided crochet for so many years, in particular following patterns. I guess the last project I did before many years away from crochet was so complicated for a 14 yr old that it just totally put me off patterns. But I'm very glad to have found this site on a bored night searching through google.

It's another very repetitve pattern, which makes it perfect for doing in front of the box, because once you've got started, you don't really have to keep refering back to the pattern. You start with the collar first, then once you've finished that part you continue on to make the 'mesh' part. This simply involves making chain's of increasing length over and over again, joining them with a single crochet through the loop of the previous row, and working from side to side until you reach the desired length! I stopped increasing after I got to chains of 12 stitches long, so the gaps wouldn't be so big I could fit my hand through them.

Super easy and very beginner friendly!

And here is the result:

I used left over yarn from a different project which never got finished to make this up; the cheapy cream wool you find in most charity shops, and some more luxury left over alpaka yarn in dark turquoise. I used this to make a baby blanket for a friend, now I have a cardi to match! Took so little time and such little wool, I know what to do with my leftover's in future, next time, not as long.

Then added some cute little pink bow buttons I picked up from a little old lady at the Ardingly Classic Car Show last month. Stash busting indeed. Love these. Wish I had more!

My judgement? Pretty but not practical. Doesn't keep warm at all, as you may have guessed, heh. But it's great as a little accesory or for an evening dress. I've worn this with a strapless 50's summer dress and the colours go together perfectly, I'll have to get the Mister to take some snaps next time!
Much Love from Brighton,


  1. Adorable!!!! And what a beautiful colour!


  2. Thank you Georgia! Found you now!

    I'm contemplating doing a little crochet themed give away, what you think?


  3. Just been linked to your blog by Hannah (A Brighton Belle), I am so in love with your boleros and collars! I've tended to stick with household stuff/toys/blankets with crochet but you've inspired me to have a go at making some of these, I am pretty terrible with tension though so fingers crossed it doesn't go pear shaped! x


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