Friday, 24 August 2012

Can one have too many sequins?

The Mister was away being all musical on the weekend, and I had some errands to run in town, and obviously had to take the scenic route back home...aka via the Saturday morning market on Upper Gardner Street...of course!
I should not be let loose on a sunny Saturday morning with money in my wallet and time to kill with no Mister to stop me buying things that I really do not need. Good thing the he wasn't there on Saturday then, because he would have had to drag me away kicking and screaming!
So what did I find? Vintage Showgirl Costumes from the West End no less! And oh my many sequins?! I came across three, but could only afford 2....well 2 out of 3 wasn't bad ey?
Having recently become rather good chums with the lovely Jenny of Frantic About Frances underwear fame and had many merry chats about crazy showgirl ideas, I knew exactly who to run to when I found 4 of these beauties. So after uhming and ahing for about 20 mins, I popped into her work to steal her away for a quick break to help me decided if I should or shouldn't indulge. And what happened? We ended up buying matching outfits! The guy who was selling these just so happened to have 4, yes 4 of each! If only we could have thought of a good enough excuse to buy all 4, get together a group of the girls, and make up some silly routine just for the sake of it, haha.
As soon as I got home, I had to try them on. So excuse the crazy messy Saturday morning hair, but I just had to share the glitzy sequined OTT glory of these with you :)
The first is a gold sparkly 3 piece. Bra, skirt and headband. Needs a bit of TLC and some beads sewn back on, but I'll have it back to it's former glory in no time!
(excuse the mass of washing accumulating in the background, we've been away!)

Now any suggestions hairstyle wise I could do with this badboy headband? I'm thinking perhaps 30's waves?

And now we move on to numero 2. Black beauty. So when I picked it up, I thought it was a bog standard leotard. Putting it on though...hello thighs and hips! Jesus, that thing just kept going higher and higher, I have never in my life put something on so incredibly high cut. But oddly, it's actually quite flattering for hippy me. Struggling to think of an occasion to wear this out to though, and I think tights will be called for. However, with the entire bodice covered in sequins, and strings and strings of beads across the bust and front, I think I may have to think up a routine especially ;)


And a derriere shot to finish it all off;

So, can one have to many sequins? At the bargainous price of £10 a pop, I think not!
Jenny and I are currently in talks to do a little shoot in our matching costumes very soon, more news on that as and when!
Much love from Brighton,


  1. What fantastic finds and how gorgeous do you look in them? I want one for next year's Glasto! x

  2. Wowzer!! What wonderful outfits, there can never be too many sequins on anything, Fact!
    Seriously I wish my Saturday morning hair looked that good!!!
    Definitely 30's waves with the gold head piece, and the black leotard would look fab with a top hat and long black gloves, you would certainly give Marylin a run for her money! xx

  3. Wow! They're amazing - you look gorgeous. And only a tenner each? Bargain. I'd have bought all of them :)

    Nikki x

  4. Wow. I have never been a sequin lover but these outfits have just changed my mind. sparkle sweetie.


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