Sunday, 8 May 2011

Burlesque at the Regency

Last Sunday saw the opening night of Burlesque at the Regency, 'A Right Royal Hoot'.

As mentioned in my post, this was also my very first performance, and I was honoured to be able to lose my performance virginity with the amazing Miss Honey Moon by my side. 

Miss Honey Moon

Honey runs a Burlesque School, hidden away in the Regency Hotel on Regency Square in Brighton. I went along to her back in the summer, and had a little 'end of term' show, but I hadn't plucked up the courage to go out and perform afterwards. Then one day in March, up popped an email from Honey asking if I wanted to take part in her new event, a Royal Wedding After Party on May 1st. 

A few weeks later, and here you go! A reverse strip to Abba's 'Take a Chance On Me', getting ready for my 'wedding':

Thank you to the magnificent Vanessa and Aoife for being my bridesmaids, and for maid-ing the whole evening through! Couldn't have done it without them :)

Trixy Vixen then took centre stage as 'The Vicar' to conduct the ceremony, whereby I am seduced by the Vicar, and my 'hubby' is dragged off by the Maids of Honour. It was such a hoot!!

It was an amazing night, also featuring acts by Coco Deville, Therese Le Tease and Pandora Fox as the Queen and Kate, Miss Honey Moon and Trixy Vixen, and the Ophelia Fancy Girls also popped in for a show  of their new vintage inspired underwear.

A huge thank you to the Maids of Honour for all that they did, to James for slaving away in the kitchen to serve up some amazing treats, and to Honey Moon of course! Thank you for making my first performance such an amazing experience which I'm sure I shall never forget!

All pictures were taken by Tristan Glinski, to find out more about him and his work, visit his Website. Many thanks for taking such brilliant photos, they really captured the night!

Much Love from Brighton,



  1. Ha! That looks hilarious, I really should get along to a class sometime :)

  2. Looks like you had a hoot - what amazing figures you and those ladies have :)

    Thank you for your comment on my blog! In answer to your question, all the furniture had been polished already, so hardly any cleaning up to do! It has a couple of scratches that need some attention at some point, but we are really pleased with it overall!

  3. fabulous write up Lady Jardin, looking forward to our next amazing Regency Burlesque Review.
    it will be a burlesque fairy tale in the enchanted wood.

  4. Wow that looks like one amazing evening, you all look amazing!


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