Monday, 9 May 2011

Brighton Marina Boot Sale Bargains!

brI think I may have just found the best way to spend £11 on a Sunday Morning in Brighton. By making my way down to the Marina!

Every Sunday, the top floor of the Marina Car Park is turned into an Antiques and Car Boot Sale. People come from all over the place to sell their unwanted bits and bobs, and there are antique furniture dealers who come along on a regular basis too. Although prices are usually a bit higher than your regular Boot Sale, it is definitely worth paying a visit to.

Most times I come away with one or two small bits of clothing or jewellery, but I have come across an amazing Art Deco wardrobe a few weeks back, but no way of getting it home and I didn't have enough money on me at the time : ( alas, it went home with someone else! Lucky Bugger!

Yesterday, however, proved to be the best outing to the market so far! For the pricely sum of £6, I managed to bag 2 pairs of gloves, never worn, 15 pairs of stockings (you heard right, 15!!!), 13 of which were from a vintage multi pack, still in the box, aaaaand.... a replacement fox for the one that got eat by moths. I have named him T.C., after my very first cuddly toy which was also a fox. All from the same stall! They must have bought a job lot of stuff, as they had a pile up to my waist of old costumes and drama props.

A few stalls down, and about to head off as I thought I'd had my fair share of bargains for the day, I walked past something that looked like part of a spaceship...double take....a vintage hood drier!! I have been wanting one of these for ages but have never seen one and only ever found any online, so when the lady told me she wanted just £5 for it, and that it still worked, I had to have it! 

I've plugged it in and it does still work, and sounds as much like a spaceship as it looks! A bit of spit and polish, and I think she might turn out to be a real beaut : ) Sadly there was no stand, but I have already briefed Dad and informed him of his next project! Cannot wait to settle down into my seat by the TV with a book, gentle toasting away under my Hood! Maybe a celebratory whiskey will be in order?! 

Anyone found anything exciting at a Boot Sale recently?

Much love from Brighton,



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