Friday, 6 May 2011

Outfit Post - Dress Down Day

This is my very first outfit post, so please bear with me!

I happened upon a lovely little blog yesterday, which you can find right here. I was reading through LandGirl1980's dilemma around the office 'Dress Down Day' outfit. I love wearing my vintage suits to the office, but they can feel rather OVER dressed on occasion, so I tend to keep them for the important meetings and client visits. Instead, most of the time I wear a dress and cardi combo, and sometimes, just sometimes...trousers! 

My Mum will tell you, I was always a tomboy when I was younger, and you'd physically have to pin me down to get me to wear a dress. Jeans were my life. But something changed a few years back. Now you will struggle to get me back into Jeans! I own just 2 pairs, and very few other trousers. 

So when it comes to dress down day, everyone in the office cracks out the jeans and jogging bottoms. I tried a few times to do the whole jeans thing in the office, but it just made me feel like I was taking the dog out. I either look put together, or a total scruffbag, and I don't tend to let the general public see the latter unless it's totally unavoidable.

So what to wear for dress down day at the office?


Dress - Vintage, found in British Heart Foundation in Cheltenham
Cardi - Brighton Marina Boot Sale
Belt - Primark
Sunglasses - Betsy Johnson

Also took pictures of my hair. I bought the Vintage Hairstyling Book last summer, and so far have only got round to attempting a few, and this one is my usually quick go-to style when I've just curled my hair. I can't brush it out on the first morning after a set as it just goes MASSIVE otherwise, but I quite liker this one. I saw that Freelancer at Freelancer's Fashion Blog also used the same style from the book recently. Ok, her's has come out amazingly, mine a tad bit more scruffy! Maybe if I practised a bit more I could get it as gorgeous as hers :)



  1. The hair! The dress!! Awesomeness!

  2. Oh you look fab, and really love the way you've done your hair, not scruff at all!

    Ps. Thank you for the lovely comment you left on my blog it made my day:) I am definitly going to post more from the beauty book, the next post will be very soon! Thanks again! Love your blog too!!:)

  3. Love the casual look! And your hair looks great. I've been wearing that hairstyle a lot lately too :)

  4. thank you everyone : ) I just like the fact it takes 5 mins to do in the morning and stays like that all day and doesn't get in the way! perfect for a busy day at the office.

    Kate - have you got any pictures of your version if the 'do? would love to see it and what you've done!

    and Wendy, cannot wait for the next post in that case! hope it's soon! where did you manage to pick the book up from? I always keep an eye out for things like that but have had no luck so far!


  5. Your hair looks great! I still struggle a little with mine.

    I wear what I like on dress down friday. This week I wore a pink polka dot dress and a pink cardi. I only own one pair of jeans too, a high waisted pair for when it snows :) x


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