Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Further Confessions of a Sewing Machine Junkie

This is starting to turn into a bit of a problem....both in the actual available space, but also the fact that I am finding it increasingly difficult to walk away from a sewing machine on sale.....Do they do 'Sewing Junkies Anonymous'? If not, I think they should! I know a certain someone who has been over doing it in the sewing department of late and could probably do with a visit, hehe. 

I've picked up a few more additions on recent outings I've been meaning to post up about. I always feel a little guilty when buying them, but as soon as I get them home, I just can't stop myself getting excited! Who's were they? What did they make with them? WHY did they get rid of it?? 

I am now counting down the days until I finally have my very own workroom (dream...) and can put them all up on display, ready to be pulled from the shelf and brought back to life :)

I've been very lucky in that all of the sewing machine's I've picked up over the years have worked and quite literally sing, but I also picked up a rather good manual that I am currently reading through and learning how to service my own machines, the old school way! Elly the Elna is currently rather poorly, so I have dug out the trusty service manual and have decided to (very carefully mind!) have a little tinker and try to bring her back to her old smoooooth self. Updates as an when, wish me luck she doesn't end up in hospital...GULP!!!

So here's the latest addition, my new Alfa:

I went to a car boot sale in the middle of nowhere, came across this in the first 5 mins....had a little think....told myself I didn't really have the room....and that I should be buying for the heck of it...but she was £5! How can you say no to £5?! Walked all the way around the HUGE sale....lots and lots of kids toys...and kids clothes...and general junk...stupidly passed up a massive Chinese fan...walked back and...oh no! he'd started packing up his van and was giving everything else on the tables away for free! Panic set in...the Alfa was no where to be seen.  WHY hadn't I snapped her up earlier?

He saw me having a look, and to my relief, he had packed her away! £5 later, and home she came with me :)

I'm struggling to find any info on the date of it etc, so if anyone knows or can point me in the right direction, please let me know! However, for now I have named her Romeo, can you tell I've been to another car show? More on that tomorrow!

Next up, we have another Singer to add to the choir!  This is a model 201K, from 1958, thought to be one of the last of the best ever produced by Singer. One of my favourite sites to visit to research old sewing machines can be found right here:

Found at flea market in Seaford a few weeks back for £20. I can never believe how cheap these things go for and they still work! I mean, if you want to buy a good modern sewing machine, you have to fork out hundreds, and count in the fact that most are computerised, you can kiss goodbye home done services and expect to have to spend more dosh getting them fixed again. And modern sewing machines just don't have the same charm as these lovely ones. Yes, OK, modern ones are probably more reliable, can do more, and have an insane amount of settings, but still.... Old School for me please! 

Now this last little lovey is not actually mine. She has been given to me for safe keeping until she finds a new home. And that new home could be yours!! The only reason I myself cannot keep her is that she's slightly out of my price range right now. Sadly, cannot afford to keep her for now :( maybe one day!

Don't get me wrong, she will make a great investment to whomever chooses to belong to, and isn't really all that much, but if you are interested, just comment below and I'll be in touch :)

She's a Singer Featherweight 222k, and if you have a look here you'll see just what I mean. She is deemed as the best ever sewing machine made by Singer, and is highly sought after. One of the many features (plus the fact she's quite petite!) that got me excited was that there is an embroidery hoop you can attach to it, and do free hand machine embroidery! Now you can take inspiration from Tuppence Ha'penny Vintage and get crafty on your own designs!

If you want any more details let me know. She is in full working order. I have had her threaded up and sewing away, and is surprisingly quiet but quick! The light still works too, what a fab little thing.

Also, in recent news, we went down to Magnificent Motors in Eastbourne on Saturday! Aaaaaand....did my first burlesque show on Sunday!! *Squeal* So much fun!! Waiting to find some pics and then up they come :)     all the girls were amazing and cannot wait to show you!

Hope everyone has recovered from the Bank Holiday weekend?

Much love from Brighton,

Sneak at tomorrow's post!



  1. Yay for matching sewing machines! The Singer 222 is super adorable, too - and with an embroidery hoop - swoon! Dare I ask how much?

    You mentioned you had something to post to me? I'm intrigued! Did you email me and I missed it?

    xx Charlotte
    Tuppence Ha'penny Vintage

  2. OOH which one have you got then?

    The 222k is amazing, and the only reason I can't keep her is because my budget is strictly restricted to £ budget won't stretch any further right now :(

    I did email you a few weeks back about a certain little repro booklet I picked up a duplicate of and thought you might like it! I'll dig out your email address and send you details on that and the Singer 222 :)


  3. Hello! Just wanted to pop over and say thanks for following my blog and leaving lovely comments - and - well - waddaya know? You are right up my street! And, in fact, just down the road (I am in Surrey)

    I love the fact you collect sewing machines! I just collect old toot! This will make you weep - my Nan had her grandmothers singer. For years. And YEARS. It is what I learnt to sew on as a girl. I saw one very similar at a carboot about a year ago. I was tres interested and the woman said to me "it's your for £15". I hesitated and she dropped the price to "£10". I then said to her "it's ok - I will inherit my Great Grandmothers"

    Fast forward to the summer - whereby my Nan had told me she "took it down the tip". Oh how I wept.

  4. Oh no!! that is so sad :( poor sewing machine! And it would have been so special as it was your Great Grandmothers! I would have wept if that had happened to me....well, it sort of has as my Nan had alzheimers and ended up giving most of her nice things to the milkman and postman and anyone who knocked on her door! Bless! hehe.

    I didn't realise you were just round the corner! Might be planning a visit to Surrey soon, so you may see me around :)

    Just about to post up again, was checking out your 'Dress Down Day' dilemma posts, and as it was dress down day at work today, I took my first outfit photos! Thanks for the inspiration, I totally have the same dilemma every month it comes around, heh.


  5. Oh how wonderful, all working and for such bargin prices I'm totally green with envy:)!


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