Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Learn to Crochet in Brighton, by Miss Amy Phipps

If anyone is about in Brighton next Tuesday, come along and join me at the Brighton Sewing Centre for Crochet for beginners

Hosted by my good friend, and very talented Miss Amy Phipps

I like to do a bit of Crochet myself, but am always blown away by Amy's creations, so cannot wait for her to finally teach me some tricks of the trade. One of her designs has recently been bought by Topshop and her work has been featured in Babiekins Magazine, so she is definitely one to watch. She's also got a blog going right HERE, showing off some of her many design ideas and creations, and interioir inspirations. Add to that the fact that she is one heck of a gal, why she's not already plastered across the front pages of Vogue I do not know!

High Fives Phipps!

Much Love from Brighton,

L-R - Miss Amy Phipps, Moi, Sophie, Louise and Ridder

PS- it may be a while before I post anymore, as I might be having a little spell in hospital. That pain in my arm has turned out to be carpal tunnel syndrome :( no painting, sewing, typing or walking the dogs for a few weeks. I may need to dictate to the Mister though....


  1. Carpel tunnel - OUCH!! Hope you feel better soon :)

  2. Wow her work is fantastic! I am only able to go round in circles at the mo but its a start!

    Oh that sounds really painful! I hope they get you on the mend soon! Take care:)


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