Saturday, 2 July 2011

Brighton 1st SmugMug Event

I was asked to attend Brighton's very 1st SMUG photographic meet-up, and to play around being the model for the very talented Mr Ian Pack.

The SMUG meet-ups are designed to be an open-forum for photographers looking to learn new skills, and also as a networking event.

The 1st one was based on the idea of having a tutorial for studio lighting and using different lights and equipment. We started off with NO added lighting, and Ian gradually introduced a range of effects, gels and light positions to demonstrate their effect.

I really enjoyed myself, and picked up lots of hints and tips as well as meeting many many photographers and making new connections too!

I'm rather pleased with Ian's skills, and having seen how he managed to create them with just white, and later black backdrops, and the changes in mood depending on the colour of the gels.

Ian is hatching some plans for some collaborations in the not so distant future, and so far we have a pile of different shoots to get through, but we'll get there! What with house hunting and work, things have been rather hectic, but he is being ever patient with me and I trust in the coming weeks, once everything has settled again, that we will be able to crack on with it. Cannot wait to show you!

Looking forward to joining in future SMUG meets! If you are a photographer of any experience, professional or a hobbiest, get in touch with them. They hold meetings all over the world, and SMUG is actually also a very VERY useful tool for those who have a huge collection of digital photo's, as they offer unlimited storage for the fraction of other professional providers!

Thanks again to Ian and Kirstie Black over at Eclectia Studios in the Marina, who organised and hosted the event!

Much Love from Brighton


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