Saturday, 9 July 2011

Saturday Outfit Post

Today was a day of walking the Beagles, and trawling around the auto-jumble at the Ardingly Vintage & Classic Car Show, so reasonable sensible shoes and comfy clothing was in order.

As it was quite windy out today, I opted for a head scarf. You'll catch me wearing them quite a lot since the challenge! 

These photo's were taken after a day of walking around, blown about and rained on, and somehow, very stupidly, I managed to lose my favourite belt today :( how can one lose a belt without realising?! So alas, I now no longer own a rather nice red and white striped belt with a big fat anchor on the front....I'm praying I'll find a replacement in a charity shop someday soon, as it was only from New Look last summer. Finger's crossed! 

In 2 weeks time I shall be leaving this flat, and moving into a new one in Kemp Town. Slightly nervous as I do love this place, and it's fab being right in the centre, but the new abode will include a little garden/patio, which I am very excited about, and also a gorgeous art nouveau fireplace, so yay! But I do dislike the actual moving process, and my arms now being a complete mess (hence why the now permanent addition of some very fetching arm braces!) equals the poor Mister having to do all the work while I sit in a chair sipping on my bubbly......hmmm now that doesn't sound too bad after all! heh.

Much Love from Brighton,

This is how I feel like now! Poor old Beagles!

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  1. Lovely dress and headscarf! I really want to use headscarves more but I've got a big thick fringe and it just doesn't work very well!


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