Sunday, 24 July 2011

Vintage Vacation to the Isle of Wight

Last week, the Mister whisked me off on a surprise holiday to the Isle of Wight. I had never been before, and we had talked about it, but little did I know that the Mister would remember a website I had stumbled upon a few years back. Off we drove to Portsmouth to catch the Ferry to Fishbourne. I felt like a little kid again, and we were lucky enough to be blessed with a few hours of sunshine on the journey :)

After soaking up some rays on the beach at Sandown, the Mister informed me we had to be at our home for the weekend by 3.30pm, so we trundled along in Tilly, to a farm in the middle of nowhere....where were we???

At the Vintage Vacations Camp-site no less!!!!!

Helen and Frazer created Vintage Vacations in 2004 when they bought their very first Airstream trailer, and quickly got addicted and now they have filled an entire field full of them, restored them all, and brought them back to life.

 So I finally got to stay in a vintage trailer! And it was the 1951 Spartanette!!! I was squealing for about an hour, investigating and playing with all the buttons and switches, and was amazed by all the finishing touches the owners had added! Frazer and Helen are true geniuses. They have thought of everything, even down to the hand sewn guest book and original cup dispencers, and there was even a mini bottle of Babycham with original Babycham glasses waiting for us upon arrival!

The Mister really did good. Just what I needed after a rather crappy week (my hands don't seem to want to get any better and the NHS was being a bit rubbish). I have never had such a relaxing holiday or felt more at home. If I could live here forever I really would.

So on to the Tour of the Trailer:

Tilly looked truly in place with the Trailer. I could see her pulling her along the road (if that was even possible...I don't think even Tilly has that sort of pulling power). Also provided were BBQ equipment, log burners, deck chairs, little bench, and even parasols so the field could be turned into your front room :)

Trailer Sweet Trailer!

Welcome to our living room for the duration of our stay:

I spent the majority of the first evening sitting and reading all the vintage books and magazines, while the Mister serenaded me on his guitar, heh.

This ticked every single box for a holiday from heaven. I have never had such a relaxing holiday, out in the middle of nowhere but still only 10mins drive from civilisation, although I could have quite easily stayed indoors all weekend (the weather made the thought of that much more appealing, stupid British weather!). We spent the days wandering around the seaside towns, dipping our feet into the freezing sea, and playing no less than 6 games of crazy golf (pics etc to follow!). I cannot wait to go back again, and next time I think I'll book us in to the Shack on its own bit of beach :)

Keep your eyes peeled for a more in depth discussion with Vintage Vacations! I couldn't wait any longer to show you our lovely trailer, but hopefully I will be able to show you some of the others on the suite very soon :) In the mean time, if you now have the itch to hop on a ferry and make your way over to the Isle of Wight, go give Helen and Frazer a visit on their site, I'm glad the Mister booked us in as a surprise, because I don't think I would have been able to pick out my favourite to stay in!!

Much Love From The Isle of Wight,

Night Night!



  1. Oh wow. I cannot tell you how many times i have been over to the Isle of Wight to visited my Mister's family who live near to Ryde and have never known about this!!! Thanks for this post, it looks amazing and i shall perhaps be hinting to my Mister also, or just 'showing' him about this. Looks great. I love the island, its such a relaxing getaway and surprisingly lots to do. :D xx

  2. I too am a regular visitor to the Isle of Wight and I had no idea that this even existed, looks wonderful!!!

  3. I have just found your blog and just love this post about The Isle of Wight and Vintage Vacations, now on my list of things to do thanks for sharing.

  4. aww thank you girls, and welcome Tallulah!!

    I really cannot describe how much fun we had over the weekend, and would recommend a stay there to anyone!! finally catching up on some long overdue posting though :) xxx

  5. Wow! Vintage heaven :-) Would love my man to take me there but he wouldn't fit in with his size 12 Fila trainers (working on that!)

    The Isle of Wight is gorgeous for a quiet getaway anyway but now it's even better! x

  6. Right, that's it - Vintage Vacations added to my "must do" holidays list. It all looks just wonderful. Thanks for sharing.


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