Friday, 3 August 2012

Experiments in Vintage Crochet - Part 3

After the first attempt to produce this 1940's Crochet Bolero came out a little larger than expected, here is attempt number 2!

This time I decided to use a much chunkier wool, in bright purple, and a lot less stitches than advised in the instructions! The last one came out far bigger than I thought it would, so having learnt my lesson, I nearly halved the stitches (bigger wool also equals bigger stitches!) and pretty much just made it roughly the width of my shoulders plus an inch or two either side.

This was a super fast project, taking only 2 evenings watching the box to complete. Instead of using the double crochet like in the last one, I used triple crochet, with a chain between each stitch, making it even faster, and in my opinion easier, to complete. Very much recommend this for anyone taking up a crochet project for the first time. Results in next to no time!

Again, too lazy to make up the pom pom's as I liked it as was, but perhaps attempt 3 with a nicer yarn will involve copius amounts of pom pom action ;)

And here are the results:

I especially like the over-turned collar that stands up much better with the chunkier wool than in the last one. Might start making more things chunky!

So has anyone else been crocheting away or otherwise crafty things? Link back some projects :) I've had internet issues of late, so no chance to catch up on some blog reading!

Much love from Brighton,



  1. That is just beautiful! Just two evenings my word there's no stopping you! It would have taken me at least that long to umm and arr over the pattern! xx

  2. You could do it no problem!! Honestly! Just go check out some videos on youtube for the basics and get crocheting :)

    I'm quite tempted to crochet one of these up and do a little crochet-themed give away now! xxx


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