Saturday, 30 April 2011

Woody's Longboard Diner - Shoreham (ish)

Woodies is a place I've been going to now for several years, after my parents took me there for a treat after shopping in town, and I in turn introduced the Mister and several friends to it's joy!

Everything is perfect, from the tables, to the bar, and the jukebox in the corner. You don't get all that many good authentic 50's Diner's around this neck of the woods, and of those that do exist, this has got to be right up there.

The Breakfast's are delicious, but we opted to go for dinner instead after a day out and about yesterday. I warn you now, the portions are HUGE, so I can never go for a starter too, but they do sound very tempting. You can check out their full menu on the website, so much to choose from!

I think the only thing that's missing is a great big parking lot out the front where all the hot rodders can come and park up! Alas....

I chose the chicken burger and added blue cheese....I love cheese... But even for me there was a little too much of the blue stuff, next time I think I'll just go for the normal cheese! 

I really would recommend you pay a visit to Woodies, it's great for families and has a kids area, and an adults only area too, which is fab for when you just fancy a quiet evening for 2! heh. I just love the jukebox, and they serve proper milkshakes too, can't wait to have one soon :)

Have you ever been to Woodies, or know of any good one's nearby? There's also JB's in Brighton which I LOVE, and will be visiting again very soon!

Hope you're all enjoying the long weekend?

Much Love from Brighton


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